Can you write off new siding on a rental?

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If you are a landlord you may be able to claim it as a business expense, but it would vary according to the tax laws of the place you live.
Generally a renter does not pay for home repairs unless he caused the damage.
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What is a write off?

Answer . write-off n. Accounting. . A cancellation of an item in account books. . The amount canceled or lost. . A reduction or depreciation of the entered value of an item. . Above retrieved from Viper1

What is write off and write back?

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When does a rental movie come off an ipod?

When you get an ipod movie rental, it stays on your ipod for 30 days UNTIL you watch it once.Once you get into your ipod rentals and watch it, you have 24 hours to watch it as many times as you want to.

How do to keep someone evicted off the rental property legally?

You have to go to your local courthouse and take the tenant to court. Tell them you want to evict a tenant. This will sadly take a long time (in NY, 6 months) and may include lots of costs if you hire a lawyer, which is recommended. Download a 3-day to vacate notice and give it to the tenant. This m (MORE)

Can you write off your new heat pump on your taxes?

With the information you are giving in this question the answer isno you cannot. There are a few types that are deductible for someyears but these are like Geothermal Heat Pumps and such. Most allmaintenance issues on your home are never tax deductible. Normalliving expenses are not deductible item. (MORE)

Can you drop off your Hertz rental car at an Enterprise location?

No. The two companies are not related. Enterprise is, however, the parent company of National and Alamo, and the fleets were recently merged. But do not attempt to return your car to any location other than one approved by your agent at the time of rental. In some cases, you will be allowed to (MORE)

Can you tell the insurance not to write off the car to avoid taking out a new car note?

Not really. However, what you can do is ask the insurance company if they will allow you retain the vehicle after the settlement. If they allow you to do that, you can get the total loss settlement (minus the salvage value of the vehicle) and you get to keep the vehicle. It's not that simple though (MORE)

Can you drop off rental car before office opens?

It depends on the company and the particular location. Some branches do not have a secure lot for this purpose. Airport rental car locations, however, often do since they are behind airport security. Contact the branch where you rented the car and ask what your options for this are. Just be aware (MORE)

Can someone else drop off my car rental?

Yes. However, some rental compaines require a signture of theperson(s) who is/are listed in the contract as an authroizeddriver(s). You should contact the rental company for furtherinformation.

Is there a car rental in New York?

There are most certainly car rental companies in New York! Major car rental companies like Hertz and Avis and other smaller ones such as Action Car Rentals all have branches throughout New York City.

How much is storage rental in New York?

There are many places that offer storage rentals in New York. The company Stop and Stor offers storage for $19.90 per month, which seems to be the cheapest.

What do rental companies pay for new cars?

I couldn't tell you the exact amount (since I don't know), but I'm sure there is a volume discount since you're talking about hundreds of thousands of cars per year. My particular employer purchases them directly from the manufacturer, but I suppose some smaller companies might go through dealers (MORE)

Can you drop off your Enterprise rental car at any location?

In general, Enterprise can be very accommodating about where you drop off your rental car. I've seen drops at body shops and hotels, even places of business. BUT, ask your agent BEFORE you drop off your car at any location other than the branch where you rented it. If we have to go looking for th (MORE)

Where are New York City vacation rentals available?

There are New York City vacation rentals available all throughout New York City. There is a relatively cheap vacation rental by Central Park. There are more in Upper East side Manhattan for about $170 per night.

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What rental car companies operate in New Zealand?

Like most other countries, New Zealand has some of the top car rental companies including Hertz, Budget, Alamo and Avis. Other rental companies found in New Zealand are Europcar, Ezi-Rent and Ace Rent A Car.

Where can a person find deals on New York car rentals?

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What kiosks sell new movie rentals?

There are a couple kiosks that offer movie rentals. Redbox is the most popular, followed by Blockbuster, and some online DVD rental sites like DVDnowkiosks.

Where can one find new DVD rentals?

DVDs are available to rent as soon as they are released from the major high street chains such as Blockbuster and from the digital rental sites such as Lovefilm. The newest releases are sometimes a little more expensive to hire.

Where can one obtain a rental car in New Zealand?

One can obtain a rental car from many places in New Zealand. Some of these places include from Budget, from the airport in New Zealand. One can also find a place to obtain a car from the official New Zealand tourism website.

Which companies offer car rentals in New York?

The following companies offer car rentals in New York: Auto Team Car Rentals, Value Van and Car Rentals, Carriage Car Rentals, Empire Rent A Car, AAMCAR, Prestige Car Rental, Action Car rental, to name a few.

Where can one find DVD rentals of new releases?

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