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Can your condo association file a lien against you when your dues are unpaid in Florida?

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Read your governing documents and understand your obligation to pay your monthly assessments.

There, as well, you'll find the process that the board is required to follow to collect this debt that you owe.

When you ignore letters, filing a lien may be the next step. One of the final steps may be to sell your condominium in order to recover the monies that you owe.
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Can a home owners association file a lien against you for over due fees?

Maybe. If the homeowner's association (HOA) has written, recorded covenants and/or bylaws that require the payment of dues, liens can be filed for non-payment of those dues. T

What form do you use to file a lien for unpaid HOA dues?

A lien form varies from state to state. In addition, there are specific requirements which must be followed for filing liens. To avoid any unnecessary, costly litigation, resu

Can a leisure club file a lien against properties not situated in the associations boundaries for unpaid dues?

Of course--if the association likes to pay attorney fees and court costs to the property owners whose land title was slandered by the lien. If the association is not in the de

How does a MN condo association file a lien to collect unpaid assessments?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not assessments are automatic liens.    Best practices indicate that you need to work with your association's atto

How do you file a mechanics lien for unpaid auto repairs in Florida?

713.585 Enforcement of lien by sale of motor vehicle. - A person claiming a lien under s. 713.58 for performing labor or services on a motor vehicle may enforce such lien by s

In case the mortgage balance is substantially higher than the market value of a Florida Condo does it even make sense for an association to file a lien for unpaid dues?

It all depends. If the governing documents for the association and state law indicate that assessments -- you call them dues -- are automatically liens against the title, an

How do you file a lien on unpaid condo fees in New Hampshire?

Read your governing documents to understand what's legal in your community and state. Usually, the association's attorney gives notice, which is required, with an opportunity

Can we file a lien yourself on unpaid condo fees?

If 'we' is the association board, then this task is best accomplished with the help and knowledge of an association savvy attorney. There are official and formal steps that m
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How does a home owners association file a lien for unpaid dues in Oregon?

Best practices dictate that you work with you association-savvy attorney, who can review your governing documents and employ the guidelines there to verify that the board has
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How do you file a lien against an association member who doesn't pay their dues?

Read your governing documents to most fully understand the process that the association must follow in order to file a lien. When the process is ready for the step of filing

How many months before filing a lien on unpaid homeowners' association dues?

Your answer depends in several items. Read your governing documents to identify the collection process. Then verify that the association follows the necessary process that at