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A cobbler uses an awl to punch holes in leather.
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What tools are required to wire a standard 3 pin plug?

Generally you will need a flathead and/or Phillips screwdriver depending on the particular plug. And a pair of wire cutters & wire strippers for cutting the wire to length, an

How do you do the Carly Cobbler's New Home quest on HorseIsle?

This quest starts on Cloud Isle, so you need the 75% QP award! Here are the items you will need for the quest first off.... It saves a TON of money if you gather all the items

What are 3 tools to help aid in designing web wireframes?

Briefly I would try to answer. The three wireframing tools are  Lumzy, Mockup Builder, and Tiggr. I would explain a little more to  get an understanding of what are wirefram