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What is the lvl 100 Pokemon modifier action replay code for Pokemon diamond?

Please forgive the last person that posted. I'm afraid i din't know a Pokemon level 100 modifier but if you listen to the last guy that answered your not gana get anywhere. Yo

Where is telephone country code 36?

Country code +36 (dialed as 00  36 from many places) is Hungary.    Budapest is area code +36 1.   Other landline area codes are in the range +36 2x through +36 9x

2002 Ford Escape air bag code 36?

When a 2001 - 2004 Ford Escape air bag light flashes code 36, one of four problems could exist in the circuit from the Restraints Control Module (RCM) to the left side air bag

What is 36 in binary code?

100100 36 = 32 + 4 in binary format: 32 = 100000 (25) (1 with 5 0s) 4 = 100 (22) (1 with 2 0s) 100100 is the answer

I have an airbag warning code 36 on 1999 Lincoln Town Car What does it mean?

  Lamp Fault Code 36 has four possibilites, of which are the following: -Driver Side Air Bag Circuit Shorted to Ground -Driver Side Air Bag Circuit Shorted to Battery

What is the code to get a lvl 99 mild poffin?

  sorry answered my own question here is the code and what to do:   Press L+R to activate and get level 99 poffins. Once you use one, close the poffin case, press L+R o