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Comparison between an Irish rose and two gentlemen of Verona of aj cronin?

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"Two gentlemen of Verona" & "An Irish Rose" are the two heart touching stories written by A.J.Cronin . In an Irish Rose , Rose plays the central character of the story. She sacrifices her life by looking after her baby brother who lost mother when he was one month old. In case of "Two gentlemen of Verona " it is the touching story of Jacopo & Nicola ,two brothers aged 12 & 13 who do odd jobs and live a hard life themselves to sustain and treat their elder sister Lucia who is suffering from tuberculosis of spine.
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Can you justify the title two gentlemen of Verona?

A person cannot be judged by the awkward appearance as a book cannot be judged by its cover both the boys wore untidy dress and looked shabby but the authors interest on them (MORE)

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How does the story two gentlemen of Verona promise hope for society?

The war had destroyed everything the boys had. They lost their home and their father was killed in the war as well. Until the war they led a cultured and comfortable life. The (MORE)
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What is the theme of The Irish rose by aj cronin?

The story deals with the themes of duty and devotion, selfless love, sacrifice, motherly affection and familial responsibility. Duty and devotion is said to be the central the (MORE)

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Introduction on comparative study of an Irish rose and two gentleman of Verona?

Two gentlemen of Verona and An Irish Rose, written by A.J Cronin are comparatively same in its theme or situation The story Two gentlemen of Verona, tells us about two brother (MORE)

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Comparative study of Two Gentlemen of Verona and an Irish Rose?

A.J. Cronin has very well carved the idea of 'selfless help' and explained the importance of dedication towards relationships in the story Two Gentlemen of Verona. The story r (MORE)

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Comparative study of 'Two Gentlemen of Verona' and 'An Irish Rose' by AJ Cronin?

Both stories of A J Cronin are heart touching. In "Irish Rose " he tells about a small girl sacrificed her life for her little brother who lost his mother when he was only one (MORE)