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Cost of stamps in 1970?

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In 1970, first class letters went for 6 cents.
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How much did gas cost in the 1970s?

In the year 1970 when President Nixon was in office, gas prices were an astonishing $0.36 a gallon. Of course you could also buy a house for $26,000 and the life expectancy ra

How much a stamp cost in 1970?

First Class postage was 6 cents in 1970. There were still other stamps available for post cards and airmail. The price was dependent upon what you were mailing.

How much did a newspaper cost in 1970?

It depended on the city, but generally, a 1975 newspaper cost about 20 cents in smaller cities up to 60 cents in larger cities. Sunday newspapers were the biggest, and often c

How much did a car cost in 1970?

According to HOME LIFE dated 1970, an auto cost $ 3,000, color TV $500 . In the year 2000, this car would be $ 17,230 and TV $2,800. If your income was $10,000 in 1970, in 200
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What did things cost in 1970?

Things cost much more today than they did in 1970. For instance, in  1970 gas sold for less than 50 cents per gallon. Similarly, a loaf  of bread was less than a dollar, and