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Das ist alles Kann man so sagen wenn ist das das Ende von Vortrag zum Beispiel?

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Das ist alles means that`s all. If that`s how you want to end your speech,no problem.
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Wo ist das Schlossmuseum?

  Nearly every "Schloss" (Castle or Stately home) has a museum. That makes a simple answer impossible. When asked about a specific "Schlossmuseum" an answer would be f

Das ist alles?

  That is all= Das ist alles

Was ist das Bundesland von Hamburg?

What is the federal state* of Hamburg? NOTE: In fact Hamburg is "ein Stadtstaat" (a city-state), like two others, and the other thirteen ones are called "Flächenländer" ("

What does Das ist leben mean?

Das ist Leben = That's life! (although the more common version is So ist das Leben).

What is das ist nett?

Das ist nett = that's nice.

Who can translate the German lyrics of Das ist Berlin to English?

This is Berlin, Berlin, the eternally young cityThis is Berlin, Berlin, which has my loveExactly in the center of the worldGod has put you thereYou my Berlin, Berlin, you pear

What does Das ist gut mean?

"Das ist gut" means "This (or it) is good." in English. It's  basically said to show approval of something, or agreement.

What does Vas ist das mean in German?

Was ist das = what ist that