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Where is he/she from?
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De donde es el grupo de rock don tetto?

Don Tetto es una banda de Rock Alternativo/Pop Rock colombiana, creada en Bogotá en el 2003. Tras un concurso de CPS (colegios por Bogotá) Conformada por Diego Pulecio (Voca

How do you answer de donde eres?

¿De dónde eres? means "Where are you from?" So you answer with "Soy de..." followed by wherever you're from.

Y de donde eres?

"And from where are you?"

De donde es tu profesor de espanol?

Translated: Where is your Spanish teacher from?

De donde es el?

  Where is he from?

What is the difference between donde vive and de donde es?

Donde is where. Donde vive is where do you live (as in your current address) but de donde eres is where are you from (what country are you from? did you just move here from an