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Analog systems are what we can call wave systems. they have a value that changes steadily over time and can have one of an infinite set of values in a range.

The term digital refers to the fact that the signal is limited to only a few possible values. in general, digit signals are represented by only voltages on a wire -0 volts ( which we called " binary o " or just "o" ) and 5 volts ( which we call " binary 1 " or just"1" ).
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What are the advantages of analog and digital system?

 An analog system is usually simple requiring few components and  gives results almost instantly  A digital system gives repeatable results with no drift or  temperature

What are the advantages of analog system over a digital system?

it is more accurate since it doesn't give answer in 0 and 1....what  if the value is 0.5?    You obviously have no understanding of either analog or digital  systems.

What is the comparisons between analog system and digital system?

analogue can get with bad weather low temp and high temp but digital needs a certain signal and it does matter for digital about the temp and weather analogue is better but h

What are the advantages of Digital over analog telecommunication systems?

Digital has a lot of advantages over analog in terms of less power usage, efficient long distance transmission, fewer disturbances either by natural or artificial calamities.

What are the advantages of digital control systems over analog control systems?

Digital systems are more precise and more extensible. They are usually able to work over much longer distances as well. An example of extensibility might be the ability to hoo

Difference between analog and digital cellular system?

Analog was used with first-generation cellular technology, and  digital cellular was the second generation and beyond.    Cellular, or mobile, phone systems use, in pa

How can you update your OnStar system from analog to digital?

Contact your local vehicle dealer. They will know if it is possible to upgrade the vehicle you have and if it can, they can get the necessary module and know how to properly i

Why digital control system are preferred compared to the analog control system?

Greater possible accuracyNo driftNo temperature sensitivityReduced noiseNo aging problemsEasier to change if needed However where speed of response is critical the analog cont

Why are digital system capable of accuracy than analog system?

digital systems have definite defined states, analog systems have continuous states with no definite value.if you need more defined states they can be added in a digital syste

What are analog and digital systems and give examples of analog and digital?

Analog systems are what I call wave systems. They have a value that changes steadily over time and can have any one of an infinite set of values in a range. Analog systems are

What is the difference between analog and digital systems?

In machines built to display time you have analog, which is an original-type mechanically designed clock that uses a one second click to move the long minute hand and shorter

What is digital system?

A digital system is one which works at most basic level. Digital systems are based on discontinuous data or events ,they can distinguish between just two values 1 and 0. Where