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Analog systems are what we can call wave systems. they have a value that changes steadily over time and can have one of an infinite set of values in a range.

The term digital refers to the fact that the signal is limited to only a few possible values. in general, digit signals are represented by only voltages on a wire -0 volts ( which we called " binary o " or just "o" ) and 5 volts ( which we call " binary 1 " or just"1" ).
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What is the difference between analog and digital systems?

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What are analog and digital systems and give examples of analog and digital?

Analog systems are what I call wave systems. They have a value that changes steadily over time and can have any one of an infinite set of values in a range. Analog systems a

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it is more accurate since it doesn't give answer in 0 and 1....whatif the value is 0.5? You obviously have no understanding of either analog or digitalsystems. . in analog

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