Definition of body of a letter?

The body of a letter is the part between the greeting and the closing. It contains the message or "meat" of the letter. It is the reason for writing the letter and contains the main ideas that the letter writer wants to convey to the recipient.
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Definition of body posture?

Body posture refers to the way we keep our body while standing, sitting, walking etc. we can have a straight posture or an humped posture or any other type of posture
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Definition of sound when referring to a body of water?

  Answer     There are a couple of ways to define "sound" in relation to a body of water:     1. A relatively narrow passage of water between the mainlan (MORE)

Understanding the Definition of Body Composition

Body composition, which measures the amount of lean tissue and body fat you have, is a more reliable indicator of health, fitness and potential risk for disease. There are man (MORE)

11 Body Parts You Could Definitely Do Without

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Understanding Employment Letters

An employment letter is formal and concise. It provides accurate details on a person's employment status, skills, and professional qualities.When reviewing samples and templat (MORE)

Writing a Resume Letter

If you're looking for a job you should consider writing a resume letter. A resume letter which is very similar to a marketing piece, is actually a hybrid of a cover letter and (MORE)

What is the definition of body hormone?

  A hormone is a chemical compound which is secreted by a gland into the blood and it is carried through blood to a distant site where it acts.   Hormones can be divide (MORE)