Definition of body of a letter?

The body of a letter is the part between the greeting and the closing. It contains the message or "meat" of the letter. It is the reason for writing the letter and contains the main ideas that the letter writer wants to convey to the recipient.
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Definition for body-building food?

proteins are body-building food.foods that contain proteins help us to grow,build up our bones and muscles and also to grow strong and healthy.
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Definition of "Body Power"

Body power is a fitness component that requires you to apply muscular force in order to overcome resistance while moving. It entails muscular contraction of a muscle or group (MORE)

What is the definition of body hormone?

  A hormone is a chemical compound which is secreted by a gland into the blood and it is carried through blood to a distant site where it acts.   Hormones can be divide (MORE)

What is the definition of bizzy body?

some one who is nosy, wantting to know every thing about every one. things that they have no right to know.
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Definition of body posture?

Body posture refers to the way we keep our body while standing, sitting, walking etc. we can have a straight posture or an humped posture or any other type of posture
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Facts on the Body Painting Festival

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