Definition of multiple-leaf chart?

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multiple leaf chart shows the internal working parts of a machine.........
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What is the definition of pie chart?

ANSWER: . As per the dictionary, a circular chart cut by radii into segments illustrating relative magnitudes or frequencies -called also circle graph. See the related lin

What is definition of a web chart?

A web chart is a type of diagram that shows multivariate data usingtwo dimensions. It typically has three or more quantitativevariables that begin on the very same axis point.

What is the Definition for chart title?

A chart title is a heading that appears above the main chart. It isusually used to describe or explain what the chart contains and thevalues in it if any

Definition of intake and out put charting?

This measures the amount of fluid taken in by IV drip or by mouth and the amount of water that comes out in urine or other sources. It is used to measure the fluid balance in

Definition of housekeeping organizational chart?

A housekeeping organizational chart divides the housekeeping dutiesby person assigned to them and the time when they should becompleted. It makes an easy way of organizing the
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What is the definition of a medical chart?

A medical chart is a confidential document that contains detailed and comprehensive information on an individual and the care experience related to that person.
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What is a simple definition for charts?

It means to plot a course to follow, generally applies to nautical navigation. Also, refers to maps of certain areas travelled by ships which depicts features such as latitude
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What is the definition of interpreting of pie charts?

Sometimes, information is presented in the form of a pie chart because that is an easy way to visualize fractions. Most of us have, at some point in our lives, had to share a