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A network of continually evolving independent organizations that share skills, costs, and access to one another's markets.
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What is virtual organization?

A Virtual Organization 1. Does not have a physical presence like bricks and mortar organization but it exist electronically 2. This is not constrained by the legal defini

What is the definition of Actual vs virtual representation?

Virtual representation means that even individuals who cannot or do not vote are represented in the legislature by similar voters who can and do vote. Actual representation de

What is the definition of virtual markets?

Non Physical Markets/Virtual markets - In such markets, buyers purchase goods and services through internet. In such a market the buyers and sellers do not meet or interact ph

What is the definition of organic?

Organic is a term food providers are allowed to use if their product meets certain requirements established by the Food and Drug Administration. In general it means the produc

Disadvantages of virtual organization?

There are so many disadvantages of virtual organization. Some of  them include system failure, low productivity as a result of lack  of direct supervision and so much more.

What is the examples of virtual organization?

A virtual organization outsources most or all of the primary functions of the organization. Managers spend the majority of their time coordinating and controlling external rel

What is the advantages and disadvantages of virtual organization?

Save money on office space and labor while maintaining a high level or professionalism. Disadvantages may be that it isn't scalable and the virtual office locations may be lim

What is the definition of data center virtualization?

Data center virtualization is a system that has the ability to contain and store information from one computer in a central location. This give the ability for multiple users

What is the definition of virtual ethics?

Describe the character of a moral agent as a driving force for ethical behavior, rather than rules (deontology), consequentialism which derives rightness or wrongness from the

What is the definition of virtual?

Virtual means that a thing is incredibly similar to something else,  but still different. For instance, "The Elton John impersonator did  such a great job it was virtually a