Describe what type of tools are used to help scientists gather information about climate and global warming?

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Weather balloons and thermal pics of the earth from satellites.
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What type of scientist studies global warming?

Climate scientists and atmospheric scientists are the main experts studying global warming. There are many names for the different aspects of climate study. climatologist:

How does global warming help us?

Mostly, it will lead us into a terrible ending of our usual lives once global warming has reached its unsustainable level, but that's like waaaaaay in the future. Other than t

Does global warming help us?

NO!!! --- Predominantly no as humanity has developed in our current stable climate, however small pockets of the world may benefit from increased yields some of the time

What do climate scientists agree about global warming?

Climate scientists agree: . That burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) addsextra carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. . That trees remove carbon dioxide from the a

What tools help gather information about the universe?

What tools help gather information about the universe? well you could just look on the internet or ask a famous sciencetists thats what i will do or just explorethe world a