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Describe what type of tools are used to help scientists gather information about climate and global warming?

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Weather balloons and thermal pics of the earth from satellites.
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What do scientists think of global warming?

Most scientists believe global warming is one of the major problems facing our planet at the present time. Humans release 30 billion tons of CO2 from fossil sources each year,

What do scientists say about global warming?

Scientists say that Global Warming is happening faster than expected. It is a common knowledge nowadays. Don't you watch the news or watch TV's channels the National Geography

How does global warming help us?

Mostly, it will lead us into a terrible ending of our usual lives once global warming has reached its unsustainable level, but that's like waaaaaay in the future. Other than t

How is global warming affecting the climate?

Global warming, at its most simplistic, simply results in hotter  weather. The difference over the entire twentieth century is only  0.75 degrees Celsius, an apparently smal
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How do you gather evidence for global warming?

The way to gather evidence would be to search websites and carefully choose which websites to use. Typically, edu and gov websites have more accurate information available.