Did Albert Einstein believe in God?

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Albert Einstein is on record as saying that he ceased to believe in God when he was twelve.
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Did Einstein believe in God?

On whether he considered himself religious: "Yes, you couldcall it that. Try and penetrate with our limited means the secretsof nature and you will find that, behind all the

What did Albert Einstein believe?

Much like any other human being, Albert Einstein believed many things about many subjects. If you wish to enquire into his beliefs, you should ask something more specific.

Did Albert Schweitzer believe in god?

Yes, he studied Theology. My answer: I think this is not correct answer. After much reading his theology I found out that he did not believe in Christian God, or, in any p

Did Albert Einstein believe in evolution?

I understand that he did not believe in God/Jesus even thought he was Jewish. I do not recall reading anything about is beliefs on evolution. Does someone have the answer to t

Did albert enstine believe in god?

yes and no not a personal but a god all mighty He believed in some kind of spirit which rules Universe, something like collection of natural laws, but he did not believe in

Did Albert Einstein believed in God?

Einstein was essentially a Deist. He believed in a supreme intelligence of design behind the Universe, and on a question of subatomic physics, he once responded that "God does

Does Albert Einstein believe in ghosts?

Dr. Reynolds asked Einstein if he believed in ghosts. Einstein confessed he had never seen one, and added, "When twelve other persons have witnessed the same phenomenon at the

Why did God let Albert Einstein be born on pi day?

I think the question would more correctly be posed as "why did the United States, decide to celebrate Pi Day on Albert Einstein's birthday?" Pi Day was started by Larry Sha