Did Albert Einstein write a book titled God vs Science in 1921?

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There is no historical proof that accompanies this rumor. God vs. Science is a chain e-mail created by someone who didn't know Einstein, but insisted that he wrote it (in hopes of gathering credibility for his points). The chain e-mail itself isn't bad, but it's obvious where the bias exists, and it's even more obvious that Einstein not only wasn't the student mentioned, but also had nothing to do with with a book called "God vs. Science" written in 1921.
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What books did Albert Einstein write?

Relativity: The Special and the General Theory; Sidelights on Relativity; Relativity: Einstein's Theory of Spacetime, Time Dilation, Gravity and Cosmology; Investigations on t

Did Albert Einstein write a book?

Several of Albert Einstein's papers have been published as smallbooks. He wrote The Evolution of Physics and The World as I See Itin addition to his other books.

Why did Albert Einstein like science?

Einstein liked science because his dad gave him a compass and he wondered what made it point north and south and that motivated him to do what he did.

Does anyone know where to find a copy or reprint of the book God vs Science by Albert Einstein 1921?

Ok i realistically I hope this isn't true cus im a big Einstein 'supporter' an all... but "apparently" that book was made up for a chain mail so this guy could write out this