Did Guy Fawkes plead guilty?

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dont know but as he was caught red handed it is a moot point
Fawkes did indeed plead not guilty. His reasoning was ignorance of certain aspects of his indictment. But he was still found guilty and sentenced to death.
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Who is Guy Fawkes?

He was a Roman Catholic Revolutionary involved in the failed 1605 Gunpowder Plot against King James I if England for which he was drawn, quartered and hung.. Guy (or Guido) Fawkes was a soldier in Catholic Spain's Army. He is mostly known for his famous Gunpowder Plot against Parliament on 5th Nove (MORE)

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Who was Guy Fawkes?

Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament by sneaking in lots of gunpowder That's how you put it basically. Guy Fawkes wanted to practise Roman Catholic procedures but wasn't allowed under King James VI rule. So to try and "teach them a lesson" he decided, along with others, to blow up a (MORE)

What did Guy Fawkes do?

COCAINE. ALso, he and a group of friends tried to blow up the UK Houses of Parliament in 1605 but he got caught and that is why we have bonfire night and burn a guy on the bonfire!

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How was Guy Fawkes caught?

One of the Catholic gang who intended to blow up the (mainly Protestant) House of Lords sent a letter to a Catholic Peer to warn him. He became suspicious and a search of the cellars was carried out. The gunpowder was discovered and Guy Fawkes captured when he came to explode it.

What does pleaded guilty mean?

If you have been arrested by the police because they think you have committed a crime, the next thing that happens is that you are brought to court for trial. When you come into court the charges against you are read out and you are given the opportunity to say that either you did not do the thing (MORE)

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Usually, a guilty plea from a defendant is entered as a result of a deal that is reached between the defense and the prosecution. In many cases, plea agreements like this offer the defendant a lesser sentence if they enter a gulity plea voluntarily. For the most part, prosecutors will insist that th (MORE)

Why do innocent people plead guilty?

Innocent people plead guilty for a variety of reasons. They may believe that they will be convicted at trial, they may want to end the proceedings without waiting for trial, they may want to protect the guilty party, they may feel guilt about the incident even if they weren't at fault, or any number (MORE)

Was Guy Fawkes guilty?

Many people believe that Guy Fawkes was guilty but there is evidence to suggest that he was framed by the King's Advisor, Robert Cecil.

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You can plead not guilty if you want to but if you do not produce something saying that you had the vehicle inspected prior to the ticket being issued then you are wasting your and the courts time. Either you were in compliance or you were not. Right or wrong. Guilty or innocent. Only you know for s (MORE)

How do you plead not guilty for traffic tiket?

This depends on the laws of the state issuing the ticket and the offense. Assuming this is a moving violation, there is usually a box on the ticket maked "Court Appearance Required" or something similar to indicate that you cannot simply mail in the fine like with a parking ticket. If you hire a law (MORE)

What did guy Fawkes do and why?

He attempted to blow up the houses of parliament with a massive amount of gunpowder hidden in the cellars. He was caught just as he was about to light the fuse. He was a catholic, and was trying to assassinate the king - who was a protestant.

Was Guy Fawkes innocent or guilty?

I think Guy Fawkes was innocent because: King James had a friend (Robert Ceceil) who was his secretary to him and sometimes he would lend him the key to the tower where all the gun powder was stored. And it was locked all the time, so Guy Fawkes couldn't have got in because he was catholic and at th (MORE)

Did Guy Fawkes do it or not?

Guy Fawkes was apart of the Gunpowder Plot (the plot to kill King James I), but the plot failed, so he did not kill the king.

Why did Guy Fawkes do what he did?

as we have researched guy Fawkes didnt actually do anything all he did was sit in the grand opening with a load of gunpowder but really he was passing the grand opening whe he was found guilty.

Is Guy Fawkes Guilty?

Remember remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot. Guy Fawkes was guilty of treason for his plan to blow up the English Parliament building.

Why did guy Fawkes parents name him guy Fawkes?

because in in tudor times that name was very popular Guy comes from the French language and it was obviously favoured by his parents. Fawkes is an old surname which is spelt quite a few ways, such as Folkes

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Yes, you should be able to. To request an expungement: You must first have served the complete term of your sentence - then submit a petition to the court setting forth good reason(s) why your request should be granted. A judge will review your petition and the circumstances of your case and issue a (MORE)

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Although I'm not a lawyer here's basically how sealing and expungment works:. You can only expunge your record if the state attorney/district attorney/prosecutor, whatever they call them in your state, dropped the charges. In this example, the defendant would enter into a pre-trial diversion progra (MORE)

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How soon after you orignally pled before you decided to change you rmind? You can file a motion/petition for a change of plea, or a re-hearing, giving your reason(s) for wanting to do so. The judge will consider your motion reason and grant the hearing or deny it.

Is a preliminary hearing to plead to guilty or not guilty?

A preliminary hearing is to decide if there's enough evidence for the case to go to trial. This is a crucial stage in a criminal case. The judge decides with the evidence presented if a crime has been committed and if there's enough evidence against the defendant.. Added; Of course, if you choose t (MORE)

What evidence is there that Guy Fawkes was guilty?

Its all very simple. First off Guy Fawkes was a Catholic and he hated protestant England. He also did not regret the attempted murder of the king, this shows he has not been hired by anyone. The night of November the fourth he was caught with Barrels of gunpowder and that is why i think he is guilty (MORE)

Why did guy Fawkes do?

Most British people know that the Gunpowder Plot was simply to get rid of the Protestant king (who disliked Catholics). James I was simply another Protestant monarch to get rid of. Guy Fawkes was smuggled back to Britain from Spain to help with the plot, since he was...um...an explosives expert. Mos (MORE)

Who was guy Fawkes and what did he do?

Guy Fawkes was a man born on 13th April 1570 in York who died in January 1606. He was the most famous plotter of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, a plan to blow up King James I of England. He was caught attempting to light a fuse underneath the House of Lords and then tortured for information. On 31st Janua (MORE)

What is the best thing to do after you have plead guilty to something you did not do?

You have committed Perjury and also Obstruction of Justice, and you now have a criminal record. I understand that now you may not want to take the rap for someone else, but you had better be able to come up with some pretty good evidence, or proof, that the other person is the ACTUAL offender. A (MORE)

If you are charged with simple assault and plead guilty?

Not enough information is given in order to answer. If it was a first offense and the injuries (if any) were slight you COULD receive probation or a sentence of community service -OR- if you have a record and/or a tough judge you could receive jail time up to a year.

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Because you are not guilty of the charge. Another reason is that you are guilty but you don't believe the government can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and you want to take the case to trial and perhaps get a not guilty verdict. Still another reason is that you are guilty but you want to de (MORE)

Pleading guilty to a lesser charge?

This is usually referred to as a plea bargain. You are offered the chance to either go to trial on the original (usually more severe) charge against you, or plead guilty to a lesser offense (with a lesser penalty) without having to go to trial.

Do you always go to jail if you plead guilty?

It depends on the crime and the motivation. Pleading guilty does not mean a custodial sentence. There may be a fine, community service, mental evaluation, or just a plain old warning not to do it again.

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If you want to pay it and move on, plead guilty. If you want to have a trial, plead not guilty... However be warned,that in almost 97% of the trials for seat belt violations you will be found guilty... The 3% of those found not guilty,are due to other reasons such as the officer not being able to ap (MORE)

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Yes, if you did it, it helps to plead guilty right away saves you money and other penatlies. The sooner you plead guilty the sooner you will be able to further your life and get on the right track. Yea, plead guilty.IF YOU'RE AN IDIOT I don't know who "tkh" is who wrote the original answer but no (MORE)

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In criminal court If you plead guilty to the charge you will then be quickly convicted of the crime and sentencing will be carried out. The Punishment for harassment (depending on the severity and the Laws of the state) can carry a prison sentence anywhere from 10 days to 3 years and/or fines from (MORE)

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The court does not assume that you are necessarily guilty justbecause you plead guilty; there are many cases of innocent peoplewho plead guilty, usually because of some mental illness. Adelusional person may believe that he or she is guilty of somethingthat he or she did not actually do. So, the cas (MORE)