Did Hitler treat Jewish adaults different to Jewish children?

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Yes. Jewish children meant simply nothing to him, those were killed in gas chambers immediately. The adults were in concentration camps, because they could work. But when they got old, Hitler killed them in gas chambers too.
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Did Hitler kill Jewish children?

Many people think Hitler simply killed all Jews. Not true. Jewish kids were often (especially small ones) put into German families, were they were raised in a traditional Germ

Did Hitler ever have any Jewish children?

I would not think so, but according to the Translators notes in Mein Kampf (by A Hitler), Hitler's father, Alois Hiedler, was born illegitmate. It is "possible" that Hitler's

What did Hitler do to Jewish children?

\n . Often killed but Jewish kids were also often (especially small ones) put into German families,\nwere they were raised in a traditional German way away from all the \n"ba

How did Hitler did that to the Jewish?

With power and force, sadly someone can do anything they put there mind to. Hitler also had many followers to help him do all of this :( ------------------------------------

How did Adolf Hitler treat non-jewish people?

There was still a sizable ranking between 'better' people and'worse' people, Jews were one group on that ranking. For example,Hitler believed that Slavs were detestable, but n

How many Jewish children did Hitler kill?

The exact number of Jewish children killed during the Holocaust would probably never be known, but it is estimated that 1.2 to 1.5 million children were killed during the Holo

How should Jewish parents treat their children?

Jewish parents should be kind to their children, just as all other kinds of parents should be. Childhood is basically the same process, for people of any ethnicity. In terms o
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Do Jewish children go to different schools?

Yes. There is something called a yeshiva which is a Jewish day school. Classes are usually split between English (secular studies) and Hebrew (Hebrew language as well as Gemar

What happened to the Jewish children Hitler wanted to ship off?

They went into hiding in different countries, but the all tried to get away from Germany. The Nazis would send children and all Jews to concentration camps when they found the

What did Hitler do to kill Jewish children?

They were killed the same ways other Jews were killed. But often, especially very young kids, were sent to German families to be raised there in a traditional German way to ma