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King midas came across a drunken satyr, one of Dionysus servants, and was given a wish from the wine god. Other than the satyr he never came across one in the legends.
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Who was King Midas?

Answer . King Midas was a foolish king. He came across a little man asleep in his garden.it turned out to be a servant of god Dionysus so as Midas was cunning looked after the man and treated him as a king. After he returned the man to Dionysus and as a reward for treating his servant so well he was granted one wish . Midas wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. From then on, he was unable to sleep and unable to eat. He eventually turned his daughter to gold. He went to ask for the wish to be returned and Dionysus asked him to go and wash in a river and the gold will float away......

Children come in contact with what in The Others?

Sunlight...... They are actually allergic to the sunlight or something!. Sunlight...... They are actually allergic to the sunlight or something!

Who is the daughter of King Midas?

King Midas' daughter was named Marigold. She was a charming little girl. She had long gold locks of hair, and twinkling eyes. She was a very loving little girl that loved flowers. She had her own garden just of flowers. She was a princess.

Can you come in contact with a king in chess?

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What is the moral of the story of King Midas?

Greed will imprison us all.... Greed will imprison us all.... Never help a person just because of money/gold, help them using your true heart

What capital was founded by King Midas?

Ankara, Turkey . According to archeological records, King Midas was the greatest and most famous king of the Phrygians, whose center of power was the ancient city of Gordium (Gordion), located just 75 kilometers from modern Ankara.

What happen to king midas?

As the story goes, he gets the golden touch, and cannot eat and almost starves. some people say he starves to death, while others say he is forgiven, and the golden touch is taken away from him.

What is the moral to the fable King Midas?

The moral of the fable King Midas is to never help someone becauseof money or gold. You must help them because you want to with yourheart.

Main point of king midas?

King Midas has three points. The first one is that if you are greedy, you will be punished. Also, be careful what you wish before. The other one is do not pick favorites among the gods.

What represented king midas?

During the time of the Greek drama's popularity, King Midas wasrepresented with the ears of a satyr. Later, the ears werelengthened to the ears of an ass.

Who is midas in greek mythology?

He was a king that got cursed and everything he touched got turned to gold

Who was king midas' wife?

King Midas was known for having the "golden touch." He was marriedto Demodike, and they had two offspring.

King midas story?

King midas was greedy and loved gold. One day he came across a young man. He gave the man food and the man was pleased with him. He told King Midas he was the god dyonisus and king midas could now be granted 1 wish for his hospitality. King midas asked for everything he touched to be turned to gold. the next day, it happened. midas realized that making everything gold wasn't all it was cracked up to be. he beged th young man to reverse the curse. dyonisus told him to jump into a certain river. the river washed away the wish. p.s. it is said that that river still has golden flecks from king midas

When did king midas become king?

\n. King Midas became king when his father rose the trident septar and made him king.

In Greek mythology what realm does the creature pan come from or live in?

Pan is the god of nature and pan ic. So he lives out side in nature.

What day did King Midas die?

I don't know the day, but I just now found out the approximate YEAR: it was in 696 BC, and he was probably born in 761 BC. I found it at: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qa4128/is_200409/ai_n9438894/. Hope this helps! --SHANO

What is King Midas family tree?

Mida was the son of Gordius, or according to some the goddess Cybele; his children are Adrastos, or Gordias, or Lityerses.

Why did King Midas have donkey ears?

Because the Greek God Apollo (Son of Zous and twin brother of Artemis) had beaten Pan at a music competition, and because King Midas liked Pan as a friend better, he chose Pan to win even though his music was terrible. That is when King midas claimed his donkey ears, when APollo used his magic to punish him by giving him them.

How did King Midas die?

He die of hunger. Since every thing he touch became gold, he couldnt eat, drink, and touch anyone; tragedy he touch his daughter and so she became gold.

Was king midas a real king?

yes. if his story, the one with his touch of gold, is real, it depends on if you beleive in it or not

Is king Midas real?

King Midas himself was a real king. Whether or not his story is true or not, that depends on if you believe it is.

What are facts about king midas?

Greedy Kind of stupid (quick-thinking, arrogant) Did I mention greedy? Rich Enemy: Apollo Killed his daughter - turned her to gold by mistake Found out he couldn't eat because he turned it all to gold, so begged Dionysus (the god that gave him the golden touch) for sympathy and he told him to bathe in the Pactolos River, and when he did all the gold came out of him that's why you can see gold in that river today :)

What could King Midas do?

\nhe could turn objects and things to gold. however he touched his daughter and she turned to gold. he cried by a river and made it turn gold colored and the curse was lifeted

How was King Midas freed from his wish?

After praying to Dionysus, Midas was relieved of his curse (to turn everything he touched into gold) by washing in the River Pactolus. The power passed to the water of the river, which is why so much gold is discovered along Pactolus' banks.

Did King Midas have a wife?

Yes , King Midas had a wife. Specifically, the King's wife was Queen Demodike aka Hermodike of Kymi. Kymi was located on Euboea, which is the second largest of the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. In "The Wife of Bath's Tale," English author Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1343 - October 25, 1400) gave King Midas' Queen a chance to tell of her reactions to her husband's golden touch. In "A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys," Nathaniel Hawthorne (July 4, 1804 - May 19, 1864) made the King's and Queen's daughter Aurelia an example of the curse that the golden touch carried.

What other creatures travel to Antarctica and why do they come?

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How did king midas lose his powers?

It was said after King Midas touched his daughter with his golden touch she turned into a gold statue. He was stricken with grief when he couldn't find any way to relieve her. He preached to Dionysus - who had given him his powers - who told him of the way to be rid of his powers. He told Midas to wash in the river Pactolus. Midas did so, and when he touched the waters, the power flowed into the river, and the river sands turned into gold. This explained why the river Pactolus was so rich in gold, and the wealth of the dynasty claiming Midas as its forefather no doubt the impetus for this etiological myth.

What unique talent did King Midas have?

King Midas had the touch of gold... it's every self explanatory. everything he touched turned to gold! :)

What reward did King Midas ask for?

He asked for everything he touched to be turned to gold, which turned out to be a disaster. He begged to have it taken away and Dinoisus took pity on him, and decided to take his gift away.

Did king midas have children?

Midas, and his gold-=gifted superpower are fictional myths. in one variant of the myth he did have a daughter- who was inadvertently Gold-Ized wich brought about Midas imploring the Gods to reverse the charm.

King Midas is king of what island?

Crete. Addition: No, King Minos was king of Crete. Midas was king of Lydia , which is not an island..

Who is the goldman king midas?

The Goldman King Midas is a Southern MC in Marion S.C., and the leader of the undergroud group formally know as "Royal Era" a.k.a "Royal Era Nation". taking the name of greek mythologies King Midas, his input on the name he chose is, "King Midas was a man that what ever he touched turned to gold i say and see myself as being that person that where ever I'll be or what ever I'll do a lot of people are going to want to participate they are going to want to have what i have, my talent, and gold is a substance that everybody wants therefore i am "The Goldman" King Midas". The Royal Era crew are consisted of the talented singing and rapping Swagga Delefonte, T-Howard, Dae-Dae, Pee Jay, and of course the Goldman himself. He was born in Augusta Georgia to Rodney and Theresa Sistrunk, also born with sickle cell anemia he wasn't able to play or participate with the other kids so he decided to right poetry then he later heard of hip hop and turned his poetry to raps and began making undergroud mixtapes. "Self Premotion", "The Deserted Kingdom", " I AM K!NG", "The Royal Vendetta", "The Greatest Story Worth Listening To", "Hip Hop's Messiah", "Trouble In Paradise", Tha Midas: Art Of An MC", and his latest "Regular: KingMix Chronicles", all of what he considers his art work given to the hood to the sick one to the poor ones and the down troddend ones. He influences every person that he can so they can live and lead a better life.

How did king midas get his gold touch?

Dionysus granted him one wish, so that's what he wished for. Dionysus gave it to him with no strings attatched, but it really turned out to be a curse. He ended up turning his food and everything he didn't want turned into gold, turned to gold.

What is king Midas story?

Midas was a wealthy king of Phrygia in Asia Minor. He 'captured' Seilenos, who was the companion of the god Dionysus, with the lure of wine and treated the old satyr hospitably and upon returning him to the god was rewarded with a wish. He prayed for a golden touch, a boon which quickly proved a curse when the king discovered his food likewise transformed. Petitioning the god again, he was instructed to bathe in the river Paktolos which rid him of the power, and imbued the river's sands with gold. Later the king was called upon to attend a musical contest between the gods Apollon and Pan (or else the satyr Marsyas, who was flayed). The foolish king declared his preference for the music of the pipe and was inflicted with a pair of asses' ears by the angry lyre-god. Ashamed of this deformity, Midas hid the ears beneath the flaps of a Phrygian cap, the traditional head-gear of the local nobility.

How is the story of King Midas a legend?

King Midas was a favored king by the Olympians. He dishonored the gods, and he is part of the Greek and Roman myths.

Is king midas a hero?

No, he was kind of foolish, actually. He was said to have built the town of Ancyra though, and as King of Phrygia was called Berecynthius heros.

Could king Midas hear?

Of course he could, though for a time, because he offended Apollo, wore a pair of donkey's ears.

What was king midas puinshment?

He was to have the ears of the donkey when he claimed a satyrs music was better than apollo's.

Does king Midas' story true?

The King Midas story is obviously not true, it is not possible to turn things into gold with a touch, in real life.

Do the Greeks honor king midas?

Honor wouldn't be the right word. When you say it that way, it brings to mind the way Catholics honor the saints, or the virgin Mary. Midas was likely a real person, though the stories around him probably are more fiction than fact. The idea of using a person from history to establish a moral ideal is common, and that's what Midas was used for; he was an example to be remembered, not necessarily honored.

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Did king Midas have sisters?

Midas was the son of Cybele and Gordius; no other children of Gordius are known, however, Cybele was strongly identified with the androgyny Agdistis who possessing male and female organs was feared by the other deities. Who then castrated Agdistis; from the blood grew a almond tree, which either produced the boy child Attis by itself or when Nana, daughter of the river-god Sangarius, was gathering the fruit of this tree, she put some almonds (or, in some accounts, a pomegranate) into her bosom; but here the almonds disappeared, and she became pregnant with Attis who was consort and beloved by Cybele/Agdistis. This would make Midas the brother of Attis as well Korybas by Iasion (first of the Korybantes) Sabazios (equivalent to Dionysus) Would also be sons of Cybele and brothers of Midas. Of daughters of Cybele I can find only two: Alke-Kybele (by Olympus) Nicaea was his sister by Cybele and the river god Sangarius.

What power is given to king midas?

Anything he touches turns to goldeneye people, like when he touched his daughter she turned to gold.

What is the myth of king midas?

From Wikipedia: . Once, as Ovid relates in Metamorphoses XI Dionysus found his old schoolmaster and foster father, the satyr Silenus, missing. The old satyr Silenus had been drinking wine and had wandered away drunk, later to be found by some Phrygian peasants, who carried him to their king, Midas (alternatively, he passed out in Midas' rose garden). Midas recognized him and treated him hospitably, entertaining him for ten days and nights with politeness, while Silenus delighted Midas and his friends with stories and songs. On the eleventh day, he brought Silenus back to Dionysus in Lydia. Dionysus offered Midas his choice of whatever reward he wished for. Midas asked that whatever he might touch should be changed into gold. Midas rejoiced in his new power, which he hastened to put to the test. He touched an oak twig and a stone; both turned to gold. Overjoyed, as soon as he got home, he ordered the servants to set a feast on the table. "So Midas, king of Lydia, swelled at first with pride when he found he could transform everything he touched to gold; but when he beheld his food grow rigid and his drink harden into golden ice then he understood that this gift was a bane and in his loathing for gold, cursed his prayer" (Claudian, In Rufinem ). In a version told by Nathaniel Hawthorne in A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys (1852), Midas found that when he touched his daughter, she turned to gold as well. Now, Midas hated the gift he had coveted. He prayed to Dionysus, begging to be delivered from starvation. Dionysus heard his prayer, and consented; telling Midas to wash in the river Pactolus. Then, what ever he put into the water would be reversed of the touch. Midas did so, and when he touched the waters, the power flowed into the river, and the river sands turned into gold. This explained why the river Pactolus was so rich in gold, and the wealth of the dynasty claiming Midas as its forefather no doubt the impetus for this aetiological myth. Gold was perhaps not the only metallic source of Midas' riches: "King Midas, a Phrygian, son of Cybele, first discovered black and white lead". Midas, now hating wealth and splendor, moved to the country and became a worshipper of Pan, the god of the fields and satyr. [18] Roman mythographers asserted that his tutor in music was Orpheus. Once, Pan had the audacity to compare his music with that of Apollo, and challenged Apollo, the god of the lyre, to a trial of skill (also see Marsyas). Tmolus, the mountain-god, was chosen as umpire. Pan blew on his pipes and, with his rustic melody, gave great satisfaction to himself and his faithful follower, Midas, who happened to be present. Then, Apollo struck the strings of his lyre. Tmolus at once awarded the victory to Apollo, and all but one agreed with the judgment. Midas dissented, and questioned the justice of the award. Apollo would not suffer such a depraved pair of ears any longer, and said,"Must have ears of an ass!"and caused them to become the ears of a donkey... Midas was mortified at this mishap. He attempted to hide his misfortune under an ample turban or headdress, but his barber of course knew the secret, so was told not to mention it. However, the barber could not keep the secret; he went out into the meadow, dug a hole in the ground, whispered the story into it, then covered the hole up. A thick bed of reeds later sprang up in the meadow, and began whispering the story, saying "King Midas has an ass's ears". .

Does Midas do any car repairs other than fix or replace mufflers?

Yes, Midas offers more extensive car repairs than just fixing and replacing mufflers. They also offer oil changes, tire repairs, steering, suspension, and many other services.

What is the King Midas known for?

King Midas is known for turning everything that he touches or lays his hand on to gold. King Midas is thus popularly known for possessing the "Midas Touch" in mythology.

What is king midas?

He is a human. If you mean who is king Midas, he was the man who was destroyed by his greed. Look up Midas and the Golden Hand.

Did king midas ever exzites?

Midas is the name of at least three members of the royal house of Phrygia.

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