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Ray Lewis was never prosecuted for murder since he testified against two others who were indicted with him for murder. Those two were acquitted and Ray Lewis pled guilty to obstruction of justice in exchange for his testimony. He was given 1 year probation and fined $250,000 by the NFL.

Murder is defined as "the unjust taking of a life," so you can be guilty for murder under the law without personally killing anyone. It could be asked if he 'killed' anyone or even if he "stabbed' anyone.

Ray Lewis did witness a stabbing that led to the death of two people, but some witness claim he was trying to act as peacemaker to the fight between the decedents' group and Ray Lewis' group. One witness with credibility issues did state that Ray Lewis stabbed someone during the fight. His limo driver also originally told police that he saw Lewis throw a punch, but the driver later changed his story to say that he saw Ray only take his arm back, but not swing. What is clear is that Lewis lied to police by omitting the two other individuals charged with murder from the people he told police were inside the limo with him as it sped away from the scene.
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