Did Sir Charles Tupper win a majority government?

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No, Sir Charles did not WIN a majority government when he was elected as Prime Minister but because the Conservatives had won a majority at the 1891 general election, when he became Prime Minister he inherited that majority
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Why did Sir Charles Tupper want Confederation?

Sir Charles Tupper wanted Confederation, for he thought that the railway was needed in Nova Scotia in order to make Nova Scotia's economy prosper. He thought Confederation wou

Sir Charles Tupper pictures?

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What did Sir Charles tupper do in confederation?

At one point he was Prime Minister but only for 68 days. His larger contribution was in his other roles which included President of the Privy Council, Minister of Customs, Min
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What were the accomplishments of Sir Charles Tupper?

He was one of the Fathers of Confederation bringing in Nova Scotia as one of the charter provinces. I'd say that was a pretty good accomplishment. There are no doubt many othe
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When was Charles tuppers birth?

Charles tupper was born on July 2nd 1812 :) He died on October 301915