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Did Spartan women fight in the Peloponnesian War?

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No, but they expected the men to fight.
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Did women fight in the Korean war?

There were no women who fought in the Korean War. Women were givennon combative positions such as nurses and supply clerks.

Did women fight in world war II?

Women did indeed fight in WWII. This will come as a shock, but females have fought and participated in war since time immemorial. Just a few examples: Deborah, one of the

When did women start fighting in wars?

According to the National Archives, women may have fought in the civil war, though they disguised themselves as men. A statement from the Army, which you will find in the atta

The Persian War or Peloponnesian War?

The Persian wars were between the Greeks of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persians. The Persians wanted to stabilise their empire while the Greek cities were rebelling wit

Did Plato fight in the Peloponnesian War?

As he was born in 427 BCE, he was of military age before it ended in 404 BCE, so he was a member of the Athenian army. His mentor Socrates fought in the major battles also - t

Why were the Spartans finally able to defeat Athens in the Peloponnesian War?

  Persia provided a financial subsidy to Sparta which enabled it to double the pay of seamen and rowers, which Athens could not afford to match. This gave the Spartan alli

How did geography impact the Athenians' ablility to fight effectively in the Peloponnesian War?

They had a walled city and post secure from attack. The secure port allowed import of food during siege. The secure port allowed them to launch amphibious raids on their o

Why was this war called the Peloponnesian War?

Because it one side was based in the Peloponnesian Peninsula, home  of the Dorian Greeks led by Sparta.- the other side was the empire  established by Athens. The fighting w

How did women fight in the Revolutionary War?

no women didn't fight in the revolutionary war. Correction: women did fight in the revolutionary war just not as women, a few women dressed as men and enlisted or took the pl

How did Spartans fight?

They fought with spears and shields. They trained extremely hard  for endurence, strength and no mercy.
In Sparta

How did the Spartans fight?

Spartan army fough differently according to different trend and  changes throughout time, as the ancient state itself is known to  have existed at least from 950 BC to the e

Why did women not fight in World War 2?

Updated Answer:    In fact some women did fight in World War 2. In particular for the Red Army and Airforce of the Soviet Union. There are a number of famous female sni