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No, but they expected the men to fight.
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Who was fighting Peloponnesian War?

As a VERY brief answer which may very well be wrong: After the Persian wars, most Greek cities started the Delian League, which was a pool of resources and ships and men cont

Who did the Greeks fight in the Peloponnesian War?

Each other. Athens and Sparta, with their respective Greek allies, fought each other. The Persian Empire later sided with Sparta against Athens, but mostly it was Greek agains

Did Plato fight in the Peloponnesian War?

As he was born in 427 BCE, he was of military age before it endedin 404 BCE, so he had to be a member of the Athenian army. Hismentor Socrates fought in the major battles also

What were they fighting over in the Peloponnesian War?

Athens had turned the league of Greek cities which was established to defend against Persia into an empire and when the Persian threat subsided, used the revenue for its own a

How did Spartans win the peloponnesian war?

Their alliance gained the financial support of Persia, which was sick of the war spilling over ito its empire. This enabled the Spartan alliance to raise a navy able to compet

Why was Sparta fighting in the peloponnesian war?

Sparta was the leader of a confederation mainly in southern Greece (now called the Peloponnesian League) set up to oppose the empire set up by Athens, to protect its member ci

Why did they start fighting in the peloponnesian war?

Athens and its empire were dominating Greece. A league led by Sparta was set up to oppose this. It came to a head when Athens imposed restrictive trade bans to ruin Megara,

Why the Spartans won the peloponnesian war?

They were part of the Peloponnesian League, which was stronger on land than the Athenian league/empire. Athens' real strengths were the money from its empire which bankroll

What happen to the Spartans going to the peloponnesian war?

They fought in and led the coalition of Greek city-states at the battles of Artemesion, Salamis and Plataia. After the Persian invasion was repelled in 479 BCE they propose
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Why did the Spartans start the Peloponnesian War?

Athens started the Peloponnesian War by its interference in theaffairs of other cities - at Corcyra, Potidaia and Megara. It setout to bankrupt Megara, a member of the Spartan