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Did Aristotle think that a force acts on the moon as it revolves around the earth?

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did Aristotle think a force acts on the moon as it revolves around.
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Does the moon revolve or orbit around the earth?

Revolve. _____________________ Both, actually. The Moon is "tidally locked" to the Earth, with the same side always facing the Earth. So it revolves AROUND the Earth, and ROT

Does the moon rotate or revolve around the earth?

The moon revolves around the earth approximately every 27.5 days. It rotates on its own axis at the same rate, so that the same side of the moon always faces Earth.

How many times does the Earth's moon revolve around the Earth?

Approximately 13.4 times per year. This is based on the moon's sidereal orbital period of 27.32 days. The sidereal orbit is the orbit around earth as it is observed from the d

Does the moon revolves around the earth?

Yes. Every month (actually about 29 days) the moon makes one orbit of the Earth. This causes the moon to go through one cycle of changes (Full, Last Quarter, New, First Quarte

Does the moon accelerate as it revolves around Earth?

Any satellite experiences an acceleration towards its primary (technically, towards the barycenter of the system).     With respect to its orbital velocity it accelerat

How often does the moon revolve around the earth?

Every 29 days nova net Actually, that is not true. The Earth rotates, making it appear like the moon revolves around the Earth once per day. But, as evident by the different

How often does the moon revolve around earth relative to the stars?

The sidereal revolution time of the Moon is 27.32 days. This is the length of time it revolves relative to distant stars. Of more use, however, is the synodic period, which is

Does the moon revolve around the earth?

Of course the Moon revolves around the Earth! Strictly speaking, Moon and Earth revolve around their common "center of mass", but this is somewhere inside the Earth.
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What would happen if the moon did not rotate as it revolved around the earth?

A change in the speed of rotation of the moon would have little effect. Tides on earth would be the same. The pattern of waxing and waning crescent would be the same. Pe

If satellites revolve around earth because of gravitational and centripetal force then how do satellites revolve around mars or the Moon?

Exactly the same way. Both the Moon and Mars have gravity and Newtons' laws of motion apply everywhere.   ----- Most communications satellites are in a stationary orbit,