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Did Aristotle think that a force acts on the moon as it revolves around the earth?

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did Aristotle think a force acts on the moon as it revolves around.
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What makes the moon revolve around the earth is or the pushing force exerted on the moon by the Earth?

  Earth has gravity and tends to pull the moon. Moon in its trun has its own gravity and tends to pull the Earth. Due to pulling by both Earth & Moon, the present status q (MORE)

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Why does Earth revolve around the sun and the moon around the Earth?

Objects in space are attracted to one another by gravity. The more mass an object has the more gravitational pull it exerts. Thus smaller objects become trapped in orbit aroun (MORE)

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Why does the moon revolve around the earth and not the sun?

Sure it revolves around the Sun - both Earth and Moon move together around the Sun. Answer2: The moon revolves around the earth because the earth's gravitational force on the (MORE)

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If satellites revolve around earth because of gravitational and centripetal force then how do satellites revolve around mars or the Moon?

Exactly the same way. Both the Moon and Mars have gravity and Newtons' laws of motion apply everywhere.   ----- Most communications satellites are in a stationary orbit, (MORE)

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Why is it that the Earth revolves around the moon?

Ummmm.... No. The Moon orbits the Earth. The Earth orbits the Sun. The Sun orbits the center of the galaxy. Light things in orbit, heavier things in the center of the orbit. (MORE)