Did hitler target red heads?

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As long as they were not jewish, I don't think he did.
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Why did Hitler target the jews for persecution?

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Why did Adolf Hitler target the Jews?

Answer 1 Hitler was racist towards Jews and other minorities. He focused theresentment of the German people toward those of different cultures,in order to achieve power. Some

Which races where targeted by Hitler?

Two ethnic groups were targeted from total extinction: . The Jews . The gypsies (Romanies/Sinti) . Please see the related question, too.

Why did Hitler target African Americans?

Hitler really had a strong disgust against black people because they were not "Aryans" . They were much more darker than the whites and did not fit the master race which was

Why was Hitler a target for assassination?

Hitler was a target for assassination mainly because he was in a position of power in Germany and because of his extreme policies which a lot of people did not agree with. The

Why did Hitler target children?

If you mean why did Hitler target children for extermination: Hitler's goal was to exterminate the entire Jewish race. At concentration camps, prisoners were used as forced l