Did homo sapiens evolve from neanderthals?

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No, although both evolved from the common ancestor Homo Heidelbergenis. Homo Sapiens did however interbreed with Neanderthal, consequentially, Caucasian and some Asian races of Homo Sapiens today have 2% Neanderthal DNA, making us a somewhat 'hybrid' species.
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Are neanderthals homo sapiens?

There is some controversy over whether Neanderthals fit within theHomo Sapiens label. Some paleoanthropologists label them as HomoSapiens Neanderthalensis but others feel th

What did homo sapien neanderthal eat?

They were stone age hunter/gatherers, who lived in caves and rock shelters. They hunted large animals, such as bison, horse, mammoth, etc.

How are neanderthals and homo sapiens different?

The Neanderthals were far more robust in structure than the Homo sapiens. They also had amazing projection in their nasal cavity, thought to have provided more surface area fo