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Why is the cat bleeding through her mouth?

This could mean several things; the two most common being a dental problem or a physical injury. In either case, bleeding from the mouth should be treated as an emergency and

Can dogs breathe through their mouths?

Yes, when they so called "pant', or breathe with their mouths open and their tongues out. This is their method of cooling. We sweat to cool, they "pant" to cool.

Why does blood move forward through the veins?

Because muscles on the outside of the veins help the blood move. Within the veins are tiny one-way valves that normally keep blood flowing back toward the heart. When the bloo
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Why is it not safe to breathe through the mouth?

It is safe to breathe through the mouth, but it is  a tiny, tiny bit better to breathe through the  nose.   If you breathe through the nose, the air has to travel longer