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Did people share forwards through word of mouth?

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Can you get herpes through kissing mouth to mouth?

You can pass the herpes virus by kissing. This is the same virus that causes both cold sores and genital herpes. But if you are infected in or near the mouth, that doesn't mea

Is sharing candy mouth to mouth considered lesbien or gay?

That would be called kissing . It is not either lesbian or gay, but you could be lesbian or gay if you enjoy kissing people who are the same sex as you are.

What are forward contracts in shares?

A forward contract is the simplest of the Derivative products. It is a mutual agreement between two parties, in which the buyer agrees to buy a quantity of an asset at a speci

Why do you breathe through nose not through mouth?

Because you breathe better through your nose, breathing through your mouth brings in dust and whatnot and that goes into your lungs, as breathing through your nose the dust is

Why do some people move their mouth to match your words when you talk to them?

I have reason to believe it has something to do with tapping into your brains full "100%" potential... I say this because I've had experiences talking to people and they look
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Why do people sneeze through their mouths?

When you let out a normal, healthy sneeze, it's naturally directed through both our mouth and our nose. While the majority of the air almost always comes from the mouth (which