Did the Alaskan pipeline have an effect on the caribou population?

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Yes, the Alaska Pipeline effected the migrating caribou. The caribou now make it a point to hang around the pipeline while giving birth and also in the winter due to the pipeline providing a warmth that they didn't have before. The Trans Alaska Pipeline had a very positive effect on the caribou.
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What does a caribou do?

Caribou spend most of their time grazing as well as avoiding predation. Females spend time caring for their offspring in the spring and summer. In the summer, caribou of both sexes spend a considerable amount of time avoiding insects.

What is the Alaskan Pipeline?

The alaskan pipeline is a network of pipes that bring oil to the lower 48 states. * It is a pipeline that transfers oil from the Northern coast of Alaska, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, on Alaska's North Slope, to Valdez, Alaska, the "northernmost" ice-free port in North America.* As of July 2008, more th (MORE)

What is a pipeline report?

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What is Alaskan pipeline?

Alskan Pipeline/Trans-Alaska Pipeline System is an oil pipeline that runs 800 miles from wells at Prudhoe Bay to the port of Valdez

Exactly how much oil is exported from the Alaskan pipeline?

None of it. When the Trans Alaska Pipeline was constructed it was illegal to ship any of the oil from Alaska to other countries. Then during the Clinton Administration when oil was $8 a barrel, that law was changed. For 2 years Alyeska Pipeline Terminal shipped to Japan and South Korea a total of (MORE)

What effects of Alaskan volcanoes pose the greatest threat to humans?

The vulcanic fumes that comes off once the volcano erupts can cause major effects for the atmosphere for the people and animals that leave around the radius that the volcano is at.. it can cause potential risk for people and effect their lungs and respiratory systems and have other effects as well.

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Where does the oil from the Alaskan pipeline go to once it leaves Valdez?

All of the oil that is pumped from the oil fields in Alaska is sold to Japan. Answer The above answer is 100% inaccurate. When the Trans Alaska Pipeline was constructed it was illegal to ship any of the oil from Alaska to other countries. Then during the Clinton Administration when oil was $8 a (MORE)

Who uses the oil in the Alaskan pipeline?

When the Trans Alaska Pipeline was constructed it was illegal to ship any of the oil from Alaska to other countries. Then during the Clinton Administration when oil was $8 a barrel, that law was changed. For 2 years Alyeska Pipeline Terminal shipped to Japan and South Korea a total of 5 times. They (MORE)

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Why does the Alaskan pipeline zigzag?

The temperature difference of minus 70 degrees F and 145 degree oil filled pipe meant that a section of pipe would expand in length by 18 inches. When the temperature changes the pipe has to go somehere so the zigzag converts linear expansion into a sideways movement. Extreme zigzags were added wher (MORE)

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Why is global warming have an effect on female caribou giving birth?

Science Daily warns that fewer caribou calves are being born and more of them are dying in West Greenland as a result of a warming climate. Data shows that this is occurring because spring plant growth is occurring earlier and the timing of peak food availability no longer corresponds to the timing (MORE)

Who its the caribou?

They its hairy and they likes to eat green stuffs and they likes to pee coffee. Sometimes they enjoys to make crappy electronic music and/or hunt themselves on snowmobiles disguised as humans. Most of the time though they like to sit back, take a sh*t, and watch their antlers grow.

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What is a Caribou?

A caribou is a type of ungulate or a hooved mammal. A caribou is atype of reindeer native to North America, also considered a gameanimal. A caribou is an animal that people often think arereindeer, but they are not.

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Positive effects of the Alaskan pipeline?

Insane economic BOOM in the early days that's still alive today in many ways. The pipeline and all of it's supporting services employ many people in high paying jobs. It offers some tourism benefits....most people like to see it if there in the area, but it's not something they go far out of their w (MORE)

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How much is a 1974 certified mint Trans Alaskan Pipeline medallion currently worth. It states one troy ounce .999 plus pure silver on back and in commemoration of the trans-alaskan pipeline 1974 on fr?

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How the growing population effects the environment?

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Effects on population growth?

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Why was the Alaskan pipeline built above ground and insulated?

I would be inclined to believe that the pipeline was built above ground to avoid destroying the terrain that it runs through.Also dealing with the permafrost would prove costly and would have taken much longer to finish.Besides it makes maintaining it much easier.

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Do caribou eat other caribou?

No. Caribou are herbivores and feed mostly on grasses and plants in the summer and mushrooms and lichen in the winter.

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They are metal (or perhaps plastic) tubes through which gases orchemicals are pumped from one place to another.