Did titan cronus eat his kids?

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Yes he did but Rhea saved Zeus and Nymphs kept him until he was old enough to be Cronus servant slipped Cronus a potion to cough up his siblings. After they all got coughed up they had a war
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Who was Cronus?

Cronus was a Titan. He overthrew his father (Uranus) by castrating him. Cronus then proceeded to swallow each of his children after they were born because of his fear that they would castrate and overthrow him as well. His wife gave birth to Zeus and instead of giving him to Cronus she gave Cronus (MORE)

What did they eat on the Titanic?

The food that passengers ate on the Titanic depended on which classthey were in. First class passengers dined on items such as roastsirloin beef, caviar, filet mignon, oysters, and lobster. Secondclass passengers ate ham and eggs, Irish stew, boiled mutton, andscones. Third class got oatmeal porridg (MORE)

Why did Cronus swallow his kids?

because cronus killed his father to become ruler. He was afraid one of his kids might do the same and try to kill him, which was the case. Zeus later killed Cronus and became ruler of mount olympus.

Why did Cronus eat his children?

After he had killed his father, he became ruler and had six children with Rhea. Later he was informed that one of his kids would overthrow him like he did to his father. So to prevent it, he ate five of his children when Rhea was still pregnant with the last child Zeus. So she Feed him a stone inste (MORE)

What did people eat on the Titanic?

for breakfast they had eggs and bacon for lunch they had chicken, turkey, ham ect. for dinner they had the following: *Consommé Olga *Salmon garnished with Cucumber and Mousseline Sauce *Filets Mignons Lili (prepared with foie gras, artichoke hearts, and truffle) (MORE)

What did the third class passengers eat on the titanic?

While the passengers in first and second class were served three course meals with champagne or wine and caviar, the third class bill of fare was not quite so luxurious. A sample of what third class passengers were served is below. Also, see the related link for more information. Breakfast Oatmea (MORE)

What did they eat on Titanic?

all the meals were served differently based on what class you were in if u were a 3rd class (mostly immagrints) then you got what you usuallt had at home.

What did Cronus do to his own kids?

I know this sounds unrealistic but, he swallowed them! The feared that one of his children would grow up to overthrow him so he swallowed them!

Which titans fought with cronus and which fought with Zeus?

All of the Titans, except for Metis, Rhea, and Gaia fought againstZeus in the clash against Cronus. The Titaness Metis gave Zeus thedrink to make Cronus vomit up his swallowed children and later waswedded to Zeus. Rhea told Zeus how to kill/weaken Cronus becauseshe couldn't bear his cruelty to her c (MORE)

Is Kid Flash apart of the Teen Titans?

The Kid Flash(Wally West) is apart of the Teen Titans. In the comics Robin, Aqua Lad, Speedy, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl were the founders of the Teen Titans. In the Teen Titans, in one of the episodes(I think it was 'Lightspeed') Kid Flash said "Naa, I work alone these days", but that was only becau (MORE)

What did kids do for fun on the titanic?

The Titanic had several play rooms for it's little guests. Two on both starboard and port. They were also able to take swimming lessons in the pool on the top deck but because the ship was unsinkable they didn't take the lessons seriously. Unfortunately even if they had taken the lessons seriously i (MORE)

Did slade from the Teen Titans have kids?

Slade Wilson did not have two kids like the previous person stated. He had three children. His first son, was called Grant, his second son Joseph (or Joey) and his last child was a girl called Rose.

What is Cronus titan of?

Kronos/Cronos isn't a titan of anything... in fact he isn't a titan. He is the father of Zeus.

Who told Cronus to eat his children?

Cronus learned from Gaia and Uranus that he was destined to be overcome by his own son, just as he had overthrown his father. As a result, although he sired the gods Demeter, Hera, Hades, Hestia, and Poseidon by Rhea, he devoured them all as soon as they were born to preempt the prophecy. When the s (MORE)

In Greek mythology did Titans have kids with mortals?

Yes. Eos, Titan goddess of the Dawn, bore the hero Memnon by Tithonos. Selene, her sister and Titan goddess of the Moon, bore fifty daughters (Menai) with Endymion. Helios, Titan god of the Sun - also had a number of mortal children.

How old was the youngest kid on the Titanic?

Eliza Gladys Millvina Dean was the youngest passenger on the RMS Titanic, which set sail on its maiden voyage on April 10, 1912 and went down on April 15, 1912. She was only nine weeks old, having just been born on February 2, 1912. Many people contributed to her survival during the tragedy due to h (MORE)

Did the poor people get to eat on the Titanic?

The third class had luxury almost unheard of on Titanic. Not onlywas the food more than sufficient but the tables and chairs weremovable,as opposed to being fixed on previous vessels.

What did kids do on the Titanic?

There was quite alot on board for children to do. There was deck quoites, camel and donkey rides, they could play football on the deck, go swimming, they obviously went for lunch and dinner plus breakfast, and there was plenty to do in a 1st class stateroom. For 3rd class passengers, there was (MORE)

How did rhea stop cronus from eating Zeus?

When Rhea had Zeus she realized that she could not let Cronus swallow him too. She went to her mother Gaea who gave her a plan. She would rap a rock in swaddling clothes instead of Zeus that way when she presented baby Zeus to her husband Cronus he would swallow the rock instead of Zeus. Rhea gave Z (MORE)

Kids toys played on the Titanic?

It would have depended upon the wealth and class of the children's parents what toys they had. The children of rich First Class passengers would have had expensive dolls made from china, dressed in ribbons and fine lace or cotton clothes. They would also have had sets of metal or wooden toy soldier (MORE)

Why did more kids survive the Titanic?

Because they thought that the kids should go first because their younger, therfore they have a longer life to life. The adults were older so they were put on the life boats after all the kids were on boats.

What are the names of the kids in class of the titans?

There are 7 teenage heroes in the series: Jay "the leader" - descendant of Jason Atlanta "the hunter"- descendant of Artemis Herry "the brawn"-descendant of Hercules Archie "the warrior"-descendant of Achilles Theresa "the fighter"-descendant of Theseus Odie "the brains"-descendant of Odysseus Neil (MORE)

What sons did cronus eat?

Hades and Poseidon, there are myths that say otherwise, but that is also what we are led to believe.

Did the Greek titan Cronus eat his babies and how?

According to the myth Cronus did eat 5 of his children (all except Zeus ) and he swallowed them. (Edit, continuing) Then, Zeus lent Cronus a potion and made him drink it. Cronus threw up and the 5 of them came out. Then, a great war started between the Olympians and the Titans.

What did the second class people eat on the titanic?

Consomme or tapioca baked haddock or sharp sauce curried chicken and rice spring lamb, mint sauce roast turkey, cranberry sauce green peas, puree turnips boiled rice, boiled and roast potatoes then dessert

How many kids did Cronus eat?

OMG THAT IS SO OBVIOUS! Cronus's kids are (in order oldest 2 youngest) Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. Zeus was spared at birth by his mother. Cronus ate the rest. Out of six kids, he ate five.

Why did the greek titan cronus eat his kids?

Cronus is the Titan god of time, that which consumes is destructive: thus the eating of Hera (Air), Demeter (Earth), Poseidon (Sea), Hades (Death), Hestia (Fire) - represents times continuing cycle despite these powerful natural forces that his children represented.

Which children did cronus eat?

There was a prophecy that one / all of Cronus' children would overthrow him, so he ate his children as they came -- (I am not necessarily listing these in order) -- Hera, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, and Hestia. His wife, Rhea, didn't want their sixth child (Zeus) to be devoured like the rest, so she g (MORE)

Did sharks eat victims from Titanic?

No there were no sharks that ate people from Titanic because. the ship sank in cold water sharks don't live in cold water they can't survive .

Who were the children of the greek titans cronus and rhea?

The children of Cronus (or Kronos) and Rhea were all the 12 Olympians. If you have read the books in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the children of the Titans Cronus and Rhea are the gods who have thrones on Mount Olympus, including Hades, even though he doesn't have a throne.

How many kids survive the titanic?

This might not be too helpful to you but I believe that most of the third class children died and one first class child died. The first class child stayed behind with their dog, a boston terrier (pointless fact)

Where did third class eat on titanic?

Third class ate in the General Room, which was the heart of the Steerage, or Third Class. There was also a smoke room for each class, so the Steerage smoke room was where the steerage class went to have a puff.

How young was the youngest kid to die on Titanic?

The youngest passenger to die on the Titanic was Eino Panula (13months old) from Finland, the youngest of five children. The restof his siblings also died, along with his mother. His fathersurvived only because he took passage in another ship. Incidentally, he was positively identified 90 years aft (MORE)