Did titan cronus eat his kids?

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Yes he did but Rhea saved Zeus and Nymphs kept him until he was old enough to be Cronus servant slipped Cronus a potion to cough up his siblings. After they all got coughed up they had a war
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Why did Cronus swallow his kids?

because cronus killed his father to become ruler. He was afraid one of his kids might do the same and try to kill him, which was the case. Zeus later killed Cronus and became

What is Cronus titan of?

Kronos/Cronos isn't a titan of anything... in fact he isn't a titan. He is the father of Zeus.

Why did Cronus try to eat his kids?

Cronus ate his kids because he thought that they might overcome him, take his place in royalty, just like he did to his father.

What are Cronus and Rhea the titans of?

Cronus and Rhea were the titans of the earth. Cronus was the patron of the harvest and agriculture, and Rhea was known as the mother of the gods.

Did the Greek titan Cronus eat his babies and how?

According to the myth Cronus did eat 5 of his children (all except Zeus ) and he swallowed them. (Edit, continuing) Then, Zeus lent Cronus a potion and made him drink it. Cron
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How many kids did Cronus eat?

OMG THAT IS SO OBVIOUS! Cronus's kids are (in order oldest 2 youngest) Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. Zeus was spared at birth by his mother. Cronus ate the
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Why did the greek titan cronus eat his kids?

Cronus is the Titan god of time, that which consumes is destructive: thus the eating of Hera (Air), Demeter (Earth), Poseidon (Sea), Hades (Death), Hestia (Fire) - represents
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Who killed Cronus the Greek titan?

There are many different accounts of Cronus' fate. However, he iskilled in none of them.