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Watts are the units for Power while Amps or Amperes are the units for Current.
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What is the difference between volts and watts?

Watts is the product of amps and volts. It's amps times volts.. The watt (W) is a measure of power (P). It's the SI unit of power, actually, and it's a joule per second. The

What is the Difference between watt and VA?

We know that Power = Voltage(V) X Current(I) and power is measured in terms of watts as well as volt-amperes. However, for AC circuits, based on the observation that the volta

What is the difference between watts volts and amps?

Watts is the product of amps times volts. W = A X V. Electricially put W=IxE where w= watts, I= amps, E= volts. watts = unit of power . amps or ampere = unit of electric cur

The differene between amps and watts?

Amps are units of current, watts are units of power. Watts are the product of Amps times Volts. Watts = Amps x Volts.

What is the conversion rate between amps and watts?

None. The ampere is the unit for electric current, while the watt is the unit for power. They are two different quantities, so their units of measurement are unrelated.

What is the difference between cranking amps and amps?

Amps are just a general measurement of electric current in any application, whereas the term cranking amps are specific to automotive / starting battery applications. Cranking

What is the difference between an amp and a watt?

The relationship is, a watt is the product of amps x volts.

What is the difference between Watts and Volt-Amps?

Volt-Amp is apparent power, in direct current Volt x Amps = power with unit of Watt. For Alternate Current Volt-Amp is generally different from real power because the power su

What is the difference between V-A and Watt?

In a DC circuit, the power in watts is the volts times the amps. Inan AC circuit, the volts times the amps is called the VA, and thepower in watts is the VA times the power fa