Divide x to the 5th power by x to the 2nd power?

x5 / x2 = x3.
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What power does professor x have from x men?

Telepathy. He can read minds. He shoot strong mind-blasts. He has the most powerful mind of all the mutants in the world.
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What powers does Wolverine from X-Men have?

Wolverine is a mutant who possesses the ability to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of his cellular structure at a rate far greater than that of an ordinary human. The sp (MORE)
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Playing Power Chords on Guitar

If you're going to play any kind of rock music, whether on electric or acoustic guitar, you need to know about power chords. Here's what they are and how to play them all over (MORE)

The Rules of Math Powers

If you are being introduced to them for the first time, either in calculus or in algebra, powers can be a somewhat confusing concept. By now, you should already be familiar wi (MORE)

The Relationship between Power, Voltage, and Computers

The ever-growing needs of devices drive up the power needs and consumption in modern computers. Understanding a computer's power needs first requires that one understand the u (MORE)
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How did the x-men get there powers?

  The X-Men are mutants, humans born with an "X gene" which activates at puberty giving them special powers.
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What is rouge from x-men power?

Rogue has the ability to temporarily absorb the powers and memories of any person she touches with her bare skin. Rouge is a color or a form of makeup.
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What does power x time mean?

Power = energy / time Energy = power x time If you operate an electrical appliance for a while, then the amount of energy it used is (power it uses when it's turned on) tim (MORE)

What is the result if you divide negative 12 x to the 8th power Y to the 8 power by 3 x to the 4th power Y to the 2nd power?

-12 x8 y8 / 3x4 y2 = -4 x4y6   First: divide -12 by 3 which equals -4 Second: divide x to the power of 8 by x to the power of 4 by subtracting the two powers ( 8-4 ) which (MORE)
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Nuclear Power Plants in Arizona

Nuclear power is touted as an efficient source of power that releases far less pollution than conventional forms of power such as coal. As beneficial as nuclear power is, it c (MORE)
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Tips for Enabling WiFi Power Management

Wi-Fi devices use a radio to transmit their signal; this requires the use of electrical power. Wi-Fi devices, therefore, consume power whenever the radio is transmitting, but (MORE)