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Do all gay men have aids?

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No. Only a minority of gay men have AIDS.
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Are all men gay?

The answer should be no. however there are degrees in men themselves in tolerating homosexuality. There are homophobic men who do have a phobia "a strong fear" from homosexua

Why did only gay men get AIDS?

It in fact is not strictly homosexual men that aquire HIV/AIDS. The virus can be transfirred to anyone through the exchange of bodily fluids such as semen, blood, and breast m

Why do gay men get aids?

Anyone can contract the HIV virus, not just gay men. However, unprotected anal sex is the type of sex where the virus is most easily spread whether it be between 2 men or man

How do gay men contract aids?

The same way that straight people develop AIDS: having unprotected sex with multiple sexual partners and being infected with HIV. The same way straight men get aids, sex

Can gay men get aids faster than not gay people?

Gay people are said to get AIDS faster than straight people because they are thought to change sexual partners more often; so a gay person can get aids as easily as a straight

Are all men gay in a way?

Some researchers believe that all humans are inherently bisexual, so yes, you could say that "all men are gay in a way".

Are all men secretly gay?

No all men are not gay, but they are sexual and under the right conditions they may have a gay sexual relationship. That doesn't mean they are then gay. Young men often experi

Are all effeminate men gay?

No, this is simply a stereotype and generalisation. The only way to conclusively determine someone's sexual orientation is if the person tells you. Whilst many gay men display