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Do babysitters have to pay tax on money earned?

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No becaise they r nt with nd 4 tax
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Do you have to pay tax on money given to you?

If the money is given to you as a no-strings-attached gift, no. Money given to you by your employer or in exchange for goods or services is not a gift no matter what you agr

Do you have to pay taxes on found money?

If you are in the US, technically that would be income and you'd have to file it under miscellaneous income, much like if it were gambling winnings.   Yes it is taxable -

Who do you pay taxes on prize money to?

You pay federal taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You pay state and local taxes to the state or local tax department. You would enter prizes on your year-end ta

How much money can you earn before you have to pay taxes on Social Security benefits?

2010 and 2011For a single taxpayer, If your total AGI is less than $25,000, you pay tax on 0% of your benefits.If your total AGI is $25-34,000, you pay tax on 50% of your bene

Do you pay taxes on income earned in an annuity?

If the annuity is a non qualified tax deferred annuity (an annuity that taxes were paid on the money before they were placed into the annuity) you will pay taxes on any intere

Do you pay taxes on restitution money?

  Answer   It depends...and the term gets used too many ways so lets use a more general way of understanding it:   If the payment, regardless of it's name, is to r

Do you have to pay income tax on money earned while working after age 72?

Sure and you already know that you will have to do this. Age is NOT one of the requirements of when a person MUST FILE A INCOME TAX RETURN. When you have the amount of taxable

When you make how much money do you have to pay tax?

  Answer   Understand that making money and having taxable income are different things...not all money you receive is considered taxable income.   Additionally, ev

People believe that they should be able to keep all the money they earn and should not pay tax to the state. what is your opinions?

  Answer   The first questions is not how to finance the government but should there even be a government? Before you snap to a decision make sure to consider what w