Do bears kill elk and then do the coyotes eat the remains?

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no, bears only eat fish and berries but a coyote will kill elk and then a vulture or a hyena will eat the remains.
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Can a bear eat a coyote?

I really don't know about eating it, but it can certainly kill it. But, they rarely kill coyotes. Please note that most of the time bears kill coyotes in a competitive way,

Do bears eat coyote?

Bears will eat coyote if they are already dead. They don't chasedown and eat coyotes as a general rule. Bears eat smaller animalslike mice, rats, gophers and beavers.

Does a coyote eat a bear?

It depends on weather the coyote is alone or in a pack. If alone it would be a tasty treat for the bear, but if there was a pack then they (if rabid or starving) would attack

Do Grizzly Bears Eat Coyotes?

Not really, mainly because coyotes are often smart enough to stayclear of a grizzly bear for their own safety.

What kind of bear eats a coyote?

A hungry bear would eat a coyote. Actually any bear could eat a coyote. Unless you see the bear it is hard to say what kind it is.

Does a coyote eat elks?

No, although packs can take down elk even though elk weigh well over 550 lbs, though coyotes do get their calves. of course they will... i live in grande cashe Alberta, Ca