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Do bees pollinate watermelon?

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Yes, The next thing might be boring but very scientific so continue reading at your own risk of being bored or not. A flower comes before a fruit a bee will come for nectar and get pollen in in the pollen basket it goes to another flower for nectar and the stigma catches the pollen grain it germinates to a pollen tube goes down the style into the ovary bursts in half with a sperm nucleus and then the ovules become seed and when the flower dies the ovary becomes the fruit. So yes.
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Can bees die if they can not pollinate?

Answer . Sort of. Bees pollinate as a result of collecting food, it isn't the primary reason for their existance. As they collect nector from the flowers, the pollen cli

What is bee pollination?

As bees take nectar from a flower, pollen gets transferred from the stamen on to the bee's body. When the bee goes to the next flower some of this pollen is transferred to the

How bees pollinate?

  When a bee lands on a flower part of the flower's pollen is captured in the bee's legs. When the bee flies to the next flower parts of the pollen on its legs are eft beh