Do black widows spiders kill their mates?

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Yes a female black widow spider will kill and eat her mate.
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Can black widow spiders kill you?

No, not unless the person is terminally ill, elderly, or a young child. You can still get sick, almost like flu feeling.

Do black widow spiders kill you?

Males are rarely seen and are relatively harmless. The female's bite is poisonous to humans and is sometimes fatal. This spider is not aggressive and bites humans only in defe

How do you kill a black widow spider?

u grab a shoe that u dont like and smash it then throw the shoe away and then ur done ------------------------------------------------- There are many ways to kill a Bl

What kills black widow spiders?

Wacking iith a shoe ------------------------------------------------- There are many ways to kill a Black Widow spider. 1. Shoot it 2. Step on it 3. Squeeze it 4. Lasers to

How do black widow spiders attract their mates?

The black widow males sre the ony ones that have an ourglass on their abdomen and the bright redness is what attracts the female. That statement is incorrect. The female h

Can black widows spiders kill you?

They can, but deaths are rare. Yes a Black Widow can kill you but rarely people die from Black Widow bites. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Do brown recluse spiders mate with black widow spiders?

yo mate. if I asked you that question you'd probably say...since that females eat the head off the males I suppose that yes but only for a short time.well theres' your answer!

Who do female black widow spiders do after mating?

After mating once the female Black Widow is pregnant for life. The females have a special receptacle that stores sperm for as long as she lives. When her eggs mature, the fema

Can a black widow mate with a hobo spider?

(I can't believe someone previously answered "yes" to this, lol.) The answer is NO. They wouldn't even be allowed to get that close to one another without one attacking the