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Yes, circuit breakers can malfunction or die after a short or very long time. It could have had a minor manufacturing defect that took time to develop, such as a nick in a piece of metal. It could be that the lubricant inside spread and gummed up the works, that the spring lost tension, or any number of other things.

If you reset it and it immediately trips again, you either have a short, an overloaded circuit, or the breaker is bad. Remove all loads and try again. If it still trips, odds are that it is bad. If that's the case, get a qualified electrician to swap this breaker for an identical breaker to be sure.
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What does a circuit breaker do?

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What is a circuit breaker?

A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switchdesigned to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused byoverload or short circuit. Its basic function is

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No, it is an inherent part of the circuit. Further Answer In simple terms, a circuit breaker is a switch which is designed to break a fault current , which are many

Can circuit breaker isolate circuit?

That's just what a circuit-breaker is designed to do - Isolate a circuit from the rest of the system. Answer Not necessarily. A circuit breaker is a protective device,

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1. protection against fire hazard from a short-circuit. A short-circuit can be caused by a loose wire, faulty insulation, or faulty wiring. A short-circuit will cause the wire

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What does a circuit breaker do in a circuit?

Creates an open circuit in the event that the circuit becomesoverloaded. It's a protection feature, preventing melting wires,damage to electrical components, and fires.