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The heat from hairdryers do actually kill off lice.
You will however not be able to kill off them all without damaging your hair and your scalp in the process.

Conditioner and a lice comb is much better.

You can also get shampoo that kills off the lice.
The shampoo should be used 2-3 times with a week in between. This to make sure newly hatched lice are killed off too.
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Does Crisco kill lice?

  It worked for me about 10 years ago. I researched lice life cycle and used treatment length appropriate, including a little extra for any little critters possibly hiding

What will kill lice in a helmet?

Seal it in a ziplock bag for a week or so. That will kill any lice, eggs, or nits residing in the helmet. They can't live if they don't have a head to live apon!

Will kerosene kill lice?

  Kerosene will make living lice dead or very ill. But will probably not eliminate unhatched louse eggs. Rather than setting fire to your head (or crotch) use a lice rem

If you dye your hair will it kill lice?

Answer   It might kill some of the adult lice, but it is the eggs they lay that it wont kill. It take using that shampoo and then one of those really fine lice egg combs

Will lice kill you?

No. But they will make you and everyone around you very uncomfortable. No . No. But they will make you and everyone around you very uncomfortable. No.

Can bromine kill head lice?

Yes, it can kill head lice, but it can also corrode the head

What kills lice?

I would recommend either a metal nit comb or a "robi comb". Metal nit comb: use 1-2 times daily for 2 weeks (cheaper) Robi Comb: use once daily for 10-14 days (it zaps the li

Does colouring your hair kill lice?

Yes it does, the ammonia in the hair die kills lice, you still would have to go threw your hair with a lice comb thing to get all the dead lice/ eggs out though. my daughter h

Can hair food kill lice?

Hair Food is, as far as I can tell, the brand name of a hair care product by Jell Pharma. It's not designed to kill lice; if it really could do this and could keep them from r