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Do honey comb bees sting?

Yes, however, the stinger is actually a modified ovipositor. An ovipositor is the body part, or device a queen bee uses to lay eggs. She can also use it as a stinger. Worker b

Do honey bees sting each other?

  It can happen. They won't sting members of their own colony, but if bees from another colony try to enter the hive to steal the honey the guard bees will sting them. A

What happens to the honey bee after it stings someone?

  What happens to a bee after it stings someone depends on whether it was able to pull the sting out of the victim. If it can, the bee will just fly away and no harm comes

Do queen bees sting people?

Queen bees do have a smooth stinger which they use to attack other queen bees. They could sting a person but rarely leave the hive. They can sting many times.

Can people die from bee stings?

Yes they can die if they are allergic, or have an anaphylactic reaction. Some people can it depends on how many times you are stung and if you have alergeys to them. it can

Do worker bees sting people?

Pretty well all bee stings that people receive are from worker bees. Queen bees can sting, but queens never leave the hive unless in the middle of a swarm. Drone bees can't st

Can people die from a bee sting?

Yes, especially if they are attacked by a lot of bees at once, or if the person is allergic to bee stings. Yes, because if a bee stings you they will die but you get trapped w

Why are people allergic to bee stings?

Firstly, let me stress that not all people are allergic to bee stings. For most people the sting is just a painful nuisance.   Bee venom is a complex substance. Its main a

What does this mean The bee has a sting but honey too?

It means that everything has two sides just like coin. On one side  it is bad and on the other side it is benefitial to us. It is  similar to "Every cloud has a silver linin

Why do bumble-bees sting people?

because they don't need you to bother them , and they can get scared when you go to squash them which causes them to react and sting you to keep you away, just as you would if
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Can the color of clothing attract honey bees to sting?

  Answer   Studies indicate that insects react to UV light. Garden spiders spin patterns in their webs that reflect UV light and make insects think they're approachi

Do Honey Bees Sting?

Yes Honey Bees do sting! The sting is found in the abdomen, the  larger part of the Bee which also contains the heart, the wax  glands and the reproductive organs. There are