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The pineal gland or the epiphysis cerebri is often called the third eye in human being mainly for its hidden potentiality that only can be realised by one pursuing a spiritual life. Thus the name 'third eye' here is symbolic and not structural; for argument's sake, it rather may be called a functional name. Physiologists are, of course, divided on the universality of the claim, then again it can not be denied that the human being is capable of self-creativity on the way of becoming. One can become a Buddha, Christ was a man; but certainly they were not ordinary human beings living life for consumption and enjoyment. Then how they could become so extraordinary to climb a stage unreachable by others? It was their third eyes that made them angelic and quite different from other human beings. Let us see how it is.

The pineal gland secretes melatonin; and in general melatonin maintains pigmentation of the human body; but there is some extra work and affect of melatonin. If it is secreted more in amount, melatonin neutralises the action of gonadotrophic hormone in the blood. When a person, pure within, meditates for long and looks upon all women as his mother or on all men as her son and continues the same attitude all through, the pineal gland there in that person secretes more melatonin and that goes in neutralising the action of gonadotrophin in blood if at all that is present in excess amount. After the neutralisation of gonadotrophin, the person grows into a human being of different category. He differs no longer between a woman and a man in pubescence. Now, if that person continues the same spiritual perseverance and pursuit in the word of wisdom, his or her pineal gland begins to secrete more amount of serotonin. Normally serotonin is secreted from the epiphysis cerebri and that amount is needed physiologically; but when excess amount is secreted, there takes place maor changes in the electro-chemical system of the body and elecro-chemical waves of the brain. Extra serotonin soothens the body and thereby the mind; and thus an effulgence floods the thought-world of the individual in meditation for the realisation of a higher and deeper meaning of life. The same happened to Buddha and also to Christ. (Ref. Sailen Debnath, 'The Meanings of Hindu Gods, Goddesses and Myths', ISBN 9788129114815, Rupa & Co, New Delhi.)
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