Do kids try to run away when their being abused?

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I should think so, unless they are being held by bribes and threats from the abuser. Many kids in the US suffer from mistreatment, but are too afraid to seek help. Some are bottling it up, hiding in their rooms to seek the only peace that they are allowed. Look around. Do you see one particular kid who always has bruises and cuts, and they don't say how? It may be they are being abused. Tell them it's okay. Help them seek help.
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How do you help someone who is being abused to get away from the abuser and move on?

Answer I have been abused by my husband and I have a wonderful support system. Although, we have been separated/divorced for almost 2 years now...I still think about going ba

Why don't abused children run away?

Quite often abused children don't run away because they genuinely don't realise they're being abused. Whether it's physical or sexual abuse if it's all the child has known the

Where can you go if your trying to run away?

That strongly depends on how old you are and why you're running away. If you're a minor who's being abused, you should probably go to a teacher, minister or the police. If you

How do you run away from home if a kid?

You should never want to run away from home. If you feel that you want to run away, figure out why. If the reason is abusive parents, talk to your school counselor and trusted

Did slaves try to run away?

Yes they did because they were treated so increadably cruely it was unbelievable they were worked to death and starved to death so no wonder they tried to escape.

What happens to kids who run away?

Kids that run away generally don't make it through the night since the honey badgers like to come out. most little kids will either get eaten by the honey badger because the h

Does the kids get took away if child abuse?

Yeah. There is no reason why kids should stay in the environment they are in if it is abusive and will find a home with kinder people and a better overall environment.
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Why kids run away from home?

because there tired of life torchured by mean relatives one of them is there parents
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Where did run away slaves try to get to?

Run away slaves typically ran to Canada . Very few slaves made it because of guards coming for them, but they generally ran to the north or Canada.
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Why do kids run away when there bullyed?

They are sad because they are getting picked on.They just want to be alone.If they run away something needs to be done because that is to the extreme.
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Why do women run away from abused of homes?

Women run away from abusive homes because they are being hurteither physically or mentally and they do not deserve to be treatedthat way.