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Do manatees live in fresh water or salt water?

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They live in the Ocean.
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Can manatee drink fresh water?

  Yes, they can! Years ago in the Florida Keys I ran into one in a marina. I held a garden hose up to him and he couldn't get enough of it!

Do hippopotamus live in fresh or salt water?

Generally in fresh water. The island Orango, Bijagós Islands, located 60 kilometers (38 miles) off the coast of mainland Guinea-Bissau, has a sizable colony of saltwater hi

Can manatees live in salt and fresh water?

Florida manatees do not live in the same place all year. When it is warm, they move into the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico to eat sea grasses. In cold weather, manatees must m

Can manatees have fresh water?

Manatees have small eyes, and can't see far in muddy water. ... Manatees can live in salt water or fresh water