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Do many narcissists personify their pets?

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I don't think this kind of behavior is unique to narcissists.
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Can you trust a narcissist with your pets?

Absolutely not! This is not neccessarily true. My ex gf who is a Nar. Lives on a ranch. She is an animal lover. Many times Narcissists can get their "supply" from other sourc

How is hostility personified?

It would be giving hostility human qualities. Example:    He could feel his hostility building. It was raging to get out,  tearing at his skin from the inside. It was

What is personified fear?

Personified fear is the error on the PS1 when a copyed disc is inserted. The Sony sign appears as normal but for a little a little longer then the scene cuts to grey playing a

What is a narcissist?

somebody who has the following symptoms   Reacting to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation  Taking advantage of others to reach own goals  Exaggerating own import

What is a a narcissist?

Someone who worships him or her self. everything revols around you, everythign you do is for your own good and use Narcissism is the practice of displaying (among others);- gr

How do narcissists treat animals and pets?

  My MIL is a N, and she had SUCH disdain for animals. She once spent thousands of dollars on a trained German Shepherd in order for him to protect her at her business. S

How many narcissists does it take to change a light bulb?

Just one. The narcissist holds the bulb and the world turns beneath them.   = Answer =   Well now, if the lightbulb has VERY GOOD BOUNDARIES and does not give in to narc

Are there many narcissistic deadbeat dads who will not even acknowledge that they have a child?

Answer   YES! Absolutely.   If they truly are narcissistic then they are the ones that live a long and miserable life without many friends, much of a past or a future.

Why are so many Jews narcissists?

I don't know what exactly you mean by this question/statement, whether you are talking about one person in particular who just happens to be a Jew, or if you have read the dic

What is narcissists?

  A narcissist (from character in the Greek mythology, Narcissus) is someone who seeks pleasure only for themselves.

What is the definition of personified?

The use of the word "personified" (verb to personify) is  to represent an inanimate object or abstract concept as a living  being, or as a specific individual.   Example

Did narcissist ever call you pet nicknames?

  Yep - mine started out calling me "Belle" and other sweet names...as the abuse and the years wore on, the names turned to things like "Trampy". When he would use my real

How can you personify freedom?

Freedom may be personified by describing it as a Patriot from the  revolutionary war. Saying that freedom helped to push the soldiers  to defeat the British would be personi