Do older Gunlocke chairs have any retail value?

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What is the retail value of a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim?

I bought a 94 acclaim in Jan. 07 with a damaged title for $2000. It only had body damage to the passenger door and part of the back door but then someone tried to open the door and it bent the front fender. That was the reason for the damaged title but it only had 29,000 miles on it when I bought it (MORE)

Fair market retail value?

The asking price you may expect to find when shopping for a used vehicle from a dealer. The asking price you may expect to find when shopping for a used vehicle from a dealer

What is the retail value of Mossberg 151K?

I've just seen one listed for as low as $60.00 and another listed for $260.00. I guess it depends on the condition of the rifle. Maybe one in great condition can sell for more???

How can you find the retail value of your Tiffany bracelet?

At There are many sellers claiming to sell designer Replicas (also known as knock-offs, fakes, counterfeit items) that come with tags, authenticity cards, serial numbers and even receipts as authentic. If you wish to purchase authentic Tiffany Co jewelry online, the only place to d (MORE)

What is the value of nickels older than 1963?

That's a VERY broad question. Nickels were first struck in 1866 andwere made at 3 different mints so there are hundreds ofpossibilities to choose from. For more common dates, the rules ofthumb are: . Part-silver "war nickels" dated 1942 to 1945 and with a largemint mark on the back are worth about (MORE)

What is the value of thonet chairs made in Poland?

Of course it depends on the type of chair...we bought four armchairs that were in a garage sale for 10 dollars each...20 years ago....they had their original lable...made in the early 20th century....they had stenciled seats which were splitting....perhaps why they were $10 dollars

Does an MBA in retail marketing have value?

An MBA in any area has value. Read the following as to why individuals pursue an MBA. The following was written by Wharton College Pennsylvania. This should help.. Why an MBA . The MBA is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It is a degree designed to give you the ability to develop your c (MORE)

Did the W H Gunlocke Chair Co in Wayland make student desks if so When?

I don't know how widespread the sales of student furniture was but I can verify that W. H. Gunlocke did make student desks and I have sat at one. Perhaps this is a very small sample. I recall living with my grandparents in Wayland NY in 1961 while my father was stationed overseas with the army. My g (MORE)

Do you get the suggested retail value for vehicle?

You may not get the suggested retail value for your vehicle.However, this depends on who you sell it to. When making an autoinsurance claim, you will get what the insurance company thinks thevalue of the vehicle is before the accident.

Are there any books older the Bible?

There are several books and many fragments of books that are older than the Bible. The I Ching - the 13th century, BCE is considered to have been written about the same time as the earliest portions of the Bible. The Papyrus Ebers - medical text - middle 16th century BCE The Epic of Gilgamesh (MORE)

What is the retail value of copper?

Commodity prices change every day so any answer posted here would be out of date almost immediately. While it's not normal WikiAnswers policy to say "use the Internet", that's the best approach in this case. You can check a site such as, CNNMoney, etc. for the latest spot prices.

Are there any airsoft retailers in Connecticut?

Airsoft Vendors in CT: Ground Zero Airsoft/Wolcott Hobby Shop- Wolcott,CT Cromwell CQB- Cromwell, CT Tactical Airsoft- PLainville,CT CT Airsoft Academy- Windsor,CT Hot Spot Airsoft- Long Island,NY

What is the value of Oral History to the older generation?

The value of oral history means a lot to the older generation. This allows the older generation to participate in the creation of the historical retelling of their lives. Oral history provides a rich opportunity for human interaction. History, after all, is all about the human experience. The olde (MORE)

What is the value of 1964 and older US nickels?

That's a VERY broad question. Nickels were first struck in 1866 and were made at 3 different mints so there are hundreds of possibilities to choose from. For more common dates, the rules of thumb are: . Part-silver "war nickels" dated 1942 to 1945 and with a large mint mark on the back are worth (MORE)

What is the retail value of a Toyota RAV4 car?

Vehicle values depend on many variables. Condition of the car exterior and interior effect the value. There are many factors to look at when determining value. Many local car dealers, will access the value of your car without charge.

Any sites with cheap office chairs?

Amazon is a great place to search for office chairs. They have a wide assortment of products, and offer highly competitive pricing. Another source would be to sign up for newsletters for stores such as OfficeDepot and OfficeMax, which often contain sales.

How do retailing creates value?

Retailers create value by: . Placing products physically nearby consumers . Having educated staff that can answer questions about products . Handling returns and providing service for minor product issues . Allowing new products to have high visibility on limited shelf space . Providing a cer (MORE)

What retailers carry stacking chairs?

The following retailers carry stacking chairs, Target, Staples and Best Buy. They may or may not carry them in store, some may have them only online.

Which retailers sell lounge chairs?

Many retailers sell lounge chairs, including big-box stores lik Target, Wal-Mart, Kohls, and IKEA. These types of companies sell more affordable versions of lounge chairs, and related items like bean bags.

Which retailers sell a card table and chairs set?

The retailers that sell a card table and chairs set are: the kmart, thefind, walmart and others. A table and chairs set is a great way to create extra sitting place during holiday or picnic outings. One can also use these furniture at the back garden for craft activities, games or just for relaxatio (MORE)

Where can someone buy chairs for less than retail?

One can buy chairs for less than retail at merchants who are liquidating their stock and going out of business. One may also visit OfficeZilla's website and buy chairs for up to 20% off the retail price

What retailers sale padded folding chairs?

The retailers that sell padded folding chairs are department stores that specializes in home and garden products. These stores carry a wide variety of products that people can use for their homes. Also, office supply stores sale padded folding chairs.

What is the retail value of a Murano chandelier?

Based on research, a Murano chandelier is selling at a retail value of eighty-eight dollars. This is not to say that a Murano chandelier can not be found at a more competative price, simply that this is the average price.

What is the retail value of a Ferrari 246?

There are several factors in finding out a retail value of a Ferrari 246. It can depend on the year of the car plus which features are included with that model. The best way to find a current retail value is to visit a Ferrari dealership and ask.

I have a signed Marsh smiling Clown painting with Artistic interiors Inc certification number 503132 Any info on the oil on canvas or maybe a retail value?

Since the value of collectible art is highly subjective, your best bet to have your signed Marsh smiling Clown painting, with an Artistic Interiors Inc. certification number of 503132, valued by an art appraiser. That said, paintings from places like Artistic Interiors, Inc., are generally mass-prod (MORE)

What retailers in Oklahoma have swivel recliner chairs?

In the Oklahoma area, several retailers have swivel recliner chairs available. Sears is a popular retailer of such products which has many locations around Oklahoma. There is one Sears location located in the Oklahoma City area on 4400 S Western Ave. There is also a Sears location in Tulsa on 1901 S (MORE)