Do people in INDIA celebrate Halloween?

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No we don't celebrate Halloween. But we do have a very holy festival for our Ancestors and Dead Souls. In India we have a Festival name "Pitri Paksha" or "Pitar" or "Shraadh Paksha" which means a Period for Ancestors and Dead member of the family. This is a 15 days long festival generally falls on the English month August-September. During this festival we remember our Ancestors and on the first day we make a pair of foot print facing towards the house with the wheat flour on the front door of the house, which marks the arrival of the ancestors to the house, then the elders of the family offers food and water to them on a worship ceremony which takes 5 minutes daily. We do donate some charity on the name of our ancestors. We offer food to birds and animals also.we float Clay lamps on the river and Lakes to provide light to Anscestors. On the last day which falls on the new moon day, we prepare tasty food (vegetarian food) and after the regular worship we make again the foot prints at the main door but this time facing opposite to the house, marking the farewell of the ancestors. this is very calm and peaceful festival, but no sorrow and cry, because we believe death can take only the body but not the soul , the soul is immortal and our ancestor visit us every year. So Indians do this ceremony with a happy but peaceful mood. For us we believe, to gain happiness in our life we must have the blessings of our ancestors, and the dead souls are not scary to the Indian. They believe souls will never give you trouble until and unless you trouble them. Today, lots of Indians are staying in USA or other European countries and there are lot others who have returned to India from USA. Because of these people Halloween can become popular in India also. Some IT companies organise small party at their offices, on which people wear spooky dresses, they play some games and enjoy the treats of cakes, Candy and ice cream. In India one is free to celebrate any festival of their choice And the Indians who are staying in USA decorate their houses with colourful lights and Jack o Lanterns and Buy treats for the small spooky trick and treaters.
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