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Do some women ejaculate like men?

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Women don't tend to have outer orgasms, but some have been known to to squirt just like a man, but it takes an experienced lover to make a woman squirt. This site is here to answer questions, not to give adivice on sexual matters like how to make a woman squirt, but you can probably find the answer to women sqirting on the net.
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Do women like men to ejaculate on them?

This is a tricky Question. I am a female who has spoken to many women on this subject and I have noticed that most women do not like the man to (cum) on them. That doesn't mea

Why do some women like to abuse men?

Presumably for the same reason that many men enjoy abusing women...  they like to feel powerful or strong, or better than someone else.  Some people with low self esteem fee
Why do men like to ejaculate on breasts?

Why do men like to ejaculate on breasts?

Its usually because some males have a sexual fetish over girls breasts and therefore feel better and more comfortable to do so

Do women like to watch men ejaculate?

  if hes doing it himself generally no unless she likes you to watch her finger herself and you do it to gether. most girls no. if shes causing it sometimes but weather th
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Do women like the taste of ejaculate?

First things first, not everything shown on Porn movies are true. Not all women would like to try it in the first place. They might feel disgusted by the thought. Then again,