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Do some women ejaculate like men?

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Women don't tend to have outer orgasms, but some have been known to to squirt just like a man, but it takes an experienced lover to make a woman squirt. This site is here to answer questions, not to give adivice on sexual matters like how to make a woman squirt, but you can probably find the answer to women sqirting on the net.
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Why do some abusive men like very passionate women?

  Answer   Generally passionate women are submisive women, therefore after they are through using them as a punching bag they become sympathetic. Of course the woman

Do women like the taste of pre-ejaculate?

no Your "no" is far too general. Some like it, some don't. For some, it may be an "acquired taste", like good Scotch. Keep at it. You'll like it!!!

If some one does not like men or women what are they called?

  If you mean not feeling sexual attraction to men or women then the term that may apply is asexual. This term would only apply if that person does not feel a sexual attra

Why do some men treat women like they're nothing?

Sometimes guys treat women like nothing because sometimes the man is too blind to see that the right girl is right in front of them.   A: These types of men have a "Narci

Do women like fat men?

No, they don't. I will add that not all women like the same things. Most women prefer men who are not fat, but there are some exceptions. For example, a fat woman may feel tha
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Why do women like the taste of ejaculate?

Some women like the taste of ejaculate, while others don't. It all depends on the women and their taste buds. Most girls do not mind it thought.
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Why women like black men?

Mexican women like black men the most
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Why do some women look like men?

cuz they are born with more of their father's genes but happened to be female