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Do some women ejaculate like men?

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Women don't tend to have outer orgasms, but some have been known to to squirt just like a man, but it takes an experienced lover to make a woman squirt. This site is here to answer questions, not to give adivice on sexual matters like how to make a woman squirt, but you can probably find the answer to women sqirting on the net.
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Do women like men with out foreskin?

Depends on the woman. I happen to really like men - so I have to say that I think they are perfect the way they are made...foreskin intact. I don't see how anyone can truly lo (MORE)

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Why do some women like to abuse men?

Presumably for the same reason that many men enjoy abusing women...  they like to feel powerful or strong, or better than someone else.  Some people with low self esteem fee (MORE)
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Do women like talkative men?

well that depends. if the woman/girl is talkative she would not have a problem with that. if you are funny in your "talks" she will laugh and wont mind you talking alot. b (MORE)

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Do men like ugly women?

Beauty is a matter of personal taste. We all have different ways of classifying people as 'beautiful' or 'ugly'. We may think some people look 'ugly' - male and female - w (MORE)

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Do women like fat men?

No, they don't. I will add that not all women like the same things. Most women prefer men who are not fat, but there are some exceptions. For example, a fat woman may feel tha (MORE)