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Do some women ejaculate like men?

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Women don't tend to have outer orgasms, but some have been known to to squirt just like a man, but it takes an experienced lover to make a woman squirt. This site is here to answer questions, not to give adivice on sexual matters like how to make a woman squirt, but you can probably find the answer to women sqirting on the net.
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Why do some men not ejaculate after sex?

this could be because you man is not excited by you or because you aren't lubricated good, or it could be that he has GREAT stamina. Could be a number of things.

Why do men not like women?

some men like women and some don't. if they don't like women its either because they're gay or they just told you that because hes not interested in you. it all depends on the

What do women like about a men?

Some women like a man because of his looks while others like a man  because of who they are as a person, their actions towards them, or  towards others around them; their ov

What are some topics women like to talk about with men?

  I think that some girls like to hear a guy ask them how their day was, probably ask if they like to flirt. If you don't have any thing to talk about jus ask random quest

Why can men ejaculate during anal but not women?

Women do ejaculate at times of pleasure. Anal sex can be pleasurable to some women and not to others. Sexual interaction with no ejaculation can also still be pleasurable. It
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Why do men like womens boobies?

Because it is part of a Female body that some Males are attracted to. other body parts they are attracted to depends on what fetish (addiction) they have.

Why are women not treated like men?

Answer: Because women are not men. Nor can they be like men. They can try but then they become transgender and may therefore be treated like women trying to become men. Answe