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Do some women ejaculate like men?

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Women don't tend to have outer orgasms, but some have been known to to squirt just like a man, but it takes an experienced lover to make a woman squirt. This site is here to answer questions, not to give adivice on sexual matters like how to make a woman squirt, but you can probably find the answer to women sqirting on the net.
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Why do men like to ejaculate on a woman's face?

Men are extremely visual, and very little equals the sight of a beautiful woman with ribbons of white semen on her face. Most men find this extremly attractive, and while ma

Why do some women like to abuse men?

Presumably for the same reason that many men enjoy abusing women...  they like to feel powerful or strong, or better than someone else.  Some people with low self esteem fee

Can most women feel men ejaculating inside of them?

i know when my boyfriend ejaculates inside me it feels like his penis has a heartbeat and he pulse's inside me. i can also feel his erection get bigger while having sex.. and

Why do men like womens feet?

Not all men do. I think the question you are looking for is "Why do people have fetish's" I really don't know where my foot fetish came from, but i love women's pretty feet.

Do men perform cunnilingus on women after ejaculating?

All the time!   Swallowing your own ejaculation is up to the giver....if so it is called "snowballing" but is not a requirement, simply not swallowing and pushing any fluid
Why do some men treat women like they're nothing?

Why do some men treat women like they're nothing?

Sometimes guys treat women like nothing because sometimes the man is too blind to see that the right girl is right in front of them.   A: These types of men have a "Narci

Why can men ejaculate during anal but not women?

Women do ejaculate at times of pleasure. Anal sex can be pleasurable to some women and not to others. Sexual interaction with no ejaculation can also still be pleasurable. It

Do women like tall men?

I have been unable to date so many women due to my height  (5'2"). I have dated many women who were taller than me, but  ultimately, they sought out tall men. I recall seein