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Do sound waves travel better through solids liquids or gas?

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Of the three mediums (gas, liquid, and solid) sound waves travel the slowest through gases, faster through liquids, and fastest through solids. This is because longitudinal waves require collisions between particles to transmit energy - in dense materials, the atoms are closer together, leading to more collisions per second, increasing the speed of transmission. Temperature also affects the speed of sound.
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What is the difference when sound travels through a solid liquid and a gas?

  Sound transmission is comprised of compression waves, and their speed is affected by the density of the medium through which they are traveling.   Sound waves traveli

Why does sound travel fastest through a solid a liquid or a gas?

Sound (and vibration) waves travel through air at about 330 m/sec. It travels through water at about three times that, and through a solid at about five times that for air.

How fast will sound travel through a liquid solid and a gas?

Short answer- it will travel through gases fairly slowly, through liquids a lot faster and through solids very fast.  Longer answer- It depends on temperature and molecular

How does sound waves travel through solids liquids and gases?

Sound waves travel through vibrations. If one particle starts vibrating it will pass on that movement to other particles that are close by. This means that sound travels quick

Does sound waves travel faster in solids gas liquids or vacuum?

Sound needs always a medium for transportation. Therefore in vacuum in outer space we cannot hear a sound, like they play us in science fiction films. The speed of sound depen

Sound waves travel through gas liquid and solids?

yes it travels through all three medium. infact sound will travle much faster through liquid and solid. remember how they show whale sounds in nature documentries??

Does sound travel best through solid liquid or gas?

In general, sound travels fastest through solids, slightly less fast through liquids, and slower through gases. This is because the particles (atoms or molecules) in a sol
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Can sound waves travel through solids?

yes it can if the hrts are up to 2000hrts a sec  +++  Pardon? What are "hrts a sec"? Yes, sound can travel though  elastic ("springy") solids such as metal, crystalline roc
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Does sound waves travel through gas liquids and solids true of false?

Yes sound travels through gas, liquids, and solids. All these pass  sound waves by vibrating. Sound can not pass through a vacuum since  there is nothing to vibrate and carr