Do they sell salvia at smoke shops?

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I'm not real sure, it depends on what state you're asking about?
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Can you smoke salvia?

Yes, it is a more intense high but doesn't last as long as it would if ingested

What smoke shops in Indiana sell salvia?

"Smoke shops usually get bad quality salvia." thanks for that stupid #$%#ing answer anyways I have been looking online for listings and can't seem to find anywhere every

Do you have to smoke salvia?

There are other methods of taking Salvia divinorum, but smoking it is one of the easiest and most efficient methods of use.

What shops in New Jersey Sell Salvia?

It was made illegal to sell them in new jersey about a year the answer is no where. u can buy them online tho and have them ship to new jersey.

What Difference between smoking salvia and smoking salvia leaf?

Salvia is either smoked as just dried leaves which doesnt have too much effect or smoking extract that has been applied to dried leaves which gets higher in potency. I would s

What smoke shops in California sell salvia?

just about all of them. look around for a shop that specializes in pipes rather than the doors posters, and youre set. and buy up while you can, i reckon it wont be legal for

Is it possible for a minor to purchase salvia divinorum in a smoke shop in WA state by themself?

Because Salvia divinorum products are unregulated in WA, there is no legal reason shop owners cannot sell salvia products to minors. However, due to pressure from the commun
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How do you smoke salvia?

Pack your bowl or bong. Bongs are nicer and easier to hit, but you don't want to take too much of a hit. . Light it, but don't jam the flame into the bowl. You want to use th
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What does salvia do when you smoke it?

You begin to feel the effects almost immediately after taking a hit of salvia. The effects include feeling weighed down, hallucinations, loss of speech among other things. It