Do video games cause bad behavior in children?

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No, studies have shown video games satisfy people's needs, however if your child is mentally unstable violent games may have negative effects on them.
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Do video games cause violence in children?

No. However, violent video games where a child, or an adult for that matter, spends a good deal of time shooting or destroying others, seeing violent deaths and injuries, may

What triggers bad behaviors in mother that causes them to abuse their children?

A lot of our behaviors come from the way in which we grew up with our parents. Look back into the past for information on how your parents grew up and compare the behavior. In

Why are violent video games are bad for children.?

well ok think about it for a second violent video games huh i wonder They are bad for children because they set a bad example and might get some pretty bad role models for

Can violent video games cause criminal behavior?

Yes, recent research has shown that the game breaks down the barriers that prevent people from violence. Add to this growing up in a violent society, or in an abusive family t

Do video games affect the behavior of children?

No they do not, video games help your child with stress and have a fun hobby to do instead of getting in trouble. but the only way it will help them is if the parents are supp

Do video games really spark bad behavior on kids?

yes violent and gore videogames do effect ur chlds behavior if u play to many of them. Violent video games affect a child's behavior as much as watching a gory horror film

How do video games cause bad grades?

Video don't cause bad games directly. The TV does. Have you ever heard that TV turns your brain to mush. That because when you watch TV for a long time, chemical changes happe