Do websites you have been to appear on your internet bill?

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No, it would encroach privacy laws.
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Why would a certain website keep appearing on your internet browser and desktop?

Hi, my idea is that it's a form a browser-hijack. I suggest you try cwshredder.exe, you can find it at: or directly: http:/

Why do 3 websites appear at the same time when i click the internet symbol?

This depends on which browser or program you use to view the internet. You most likely have Internet Explorer, symbolized by the blue "e", so in this case this is because yo

Why is the internet regarded as the biggest internet website?

It is NOT ! The internet is a network not a website. The internet is a network connecting many different nodes:some are websites but many are not websites. Many nodes on

Does internet wifi or phone bills show website history?

No. It is not be practical to report the internet history on abill. Such a list can include hundreds of websites and links insidethe web pages and thousands a month. If you ne