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Yes you should cover it as it can absorb some odors from your fridge.
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Does jello expire?

Yes, jello does expire just as all foods do. There should be an  expiration date or a use by date on the packaging.

What is the jello challenge?

There are two possibilities. . You eat a jello package no water (Kinda like Cinnamonchallenge) . You make jello and try to eat all of it in under a minute. I did it and

Can jello be frozen?

If you want to freeze jello in order to eat it frozen, Then yes it can be frozen. If you are looking to freeze jello in order to store and defrost to eat as regular jello late

How is jello like the cytoplasm?

Jello is very similar to cytoplasm. Like the fruit in a jello mold,  cytoplasm holds the parts of the cell suspended in place.

What are the ingredients of green jello?

A person needs one box of lime jello, one cup of boiling water and one cup of cold water for green jello. Mix the jello until it dissolves in the hot water and then add the c

Does jello have pork?

  Jello is water, sugar, and other chemicals that make it all bouncy and such. There is no pork in jello. Pork flavored jello would be a little wierd.