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Do you get virus if you download Google chrome?

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No. Google Chrome is a legitimate and malware-free program.
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How do you download Google Chrome os?

your Firefox or internet explorer is slow? then download Google chrome the default browser!now getting started type in Google chrome there might be an icon that you can downlo

How do you download Google Chrome temporarily?

Google search: Download Google Chrome Click on the first link with a .google.com or .google.ca website address. If you have Windows (97 to 7) then find the link for it, or cl

Can Google Chrome cause a virus?

No. Recently google released a contest, $20,000 to anyone who could hack Chrome Browser. That is a decent amount for these sort of contest, no body claimed the prize.

How do you download greasemonkey Google Chrome?

Though Google Chrome supports Greasemonkey, you don't need to install an extension for it to run. The man who invented Greasemonkey happens to work on the Google Chrome team,

How to download Google Earth on Chrome?

Google Earth is not supported on the Chromebook yet. Chrome OS islimited to Apps from the Chrome Store, and Google Earth is notavailable. Google Earth is only available on Wi